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The 7 Best Cutting Board Brands

The cutting board is a sine qua non for healthy kitchens. There is a long-standing debate on which material is the best for the cutting board. Beyond these discussions, we have brought together the best cutting board brands.

Monday, May 18, 2020
Best Cutting Board Brands

Best Cutting Board Brands


by Taner Korkmaz

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A kitchen without a cutting board cannot be considered a kitchen. There is no more functional and elegant product than a quality cutting board lying on your kitchen countertop. There is a lot of research on which material is healthier for producing cutting boards, but there is no common decision. A properly maintained wood cutting board is both healthy and useful, as it is a natural material.

Best Cutting Board Brands

However, the definition of a wooden cutting board is very different from that of a quality wooden cutting board. The quality cutting board, which requires expertise in production, can only be produced with the right raw material selection and quality craftsmanship. The best cutting board brands are able to produce high-quality wood cutting boards with their long years of knowledge and quality workforce and machinery.

If you really want to use your cutting boards in a healthy way, even the best quality cutting board produced by the best cutting board brand will not be enough. It would be best if you had multiple cutting boards. It is not healthy to chop lettuce for your salad on a cutting board where you cut raw beef tenderloin. It is not right to slice ​​cooked turkey on a cutting board that used for preparing beef before. And even for the taste, you need to have a small cutting board on which you only slice the garlic.

For this reason, the best cutting board brands offer many different sizes and thicknesses on their cutting board collection for various purposes. Yes, there are even those who produce wooden models where you can just slice your Christmas turkey. The fact that the cutting board you are going to use is double-sided also provides an advantage of use.

Best Cutting Board Brands

Not all wooden cutting boards made of various types of woods have the same characteristics. The quality of the cutting board is determined by the type of wood used in its production, the way the wood is cut and pasted, and the thickness of the wood. End grain cutting boards, which consists of a large number of boards glued vertically when you look at the board, prolong the life of the blades you use. You can use your end grain cutting board for much longer, as the wood fibers can be restored after cutting. The highest-priced products of the best cutting board brands are End Grain cutting boards, which are usually made of American Walnut wood.

Even if you bought the product of the world-famous and best cutting board brand, you have the responsibility to take care of the cutting board. After using your cutting board, washing and setting it aside does not allow you to use it for a long time. In specific periods, it is necessary to sand the board and apply maintenance oil in accordance with the brand's cutting board maintenance procedure. Already the best cutting board brands provide their users the necessary kit to carry out this maintenance.

We prepare every meal, sandwich, toast, or salad on our cutting board. This makes cutting boards very important for both our comfort in the kitchen and our family health. So that's why we need to get the best cutting boards, use them correctly, and maintain them. For this, it is good to have some knowledge about the best cutting board brands. We have listed some of the best cutting board brands for you. We wish you a healthy and enjoyable time in your kitchen.

The 7 Best Cutting Board Brands

John Boos & Co.

Best Cutting Board Brands - John Boos & Co.
Best Cutting Board Brands - John Boos & Co.

John Boos & Co., founded in 1887 in Effingham, IL, is one of the oldest foodservice equipment and butcher block manufacturers that continues its activities uninterruptedly in the US. Conrad Boos decided to make a wooden block to use in his blacksmith shop. The three-legged wooden block to absorb hammer blows changed the fate of Conrad Boos and his company. As soon as a local butcher shop owner saw this first Boos Block® product, he thought that he could use it in his own meat market, and he shared that idea with Conrad Boos and his son John. John manufactured one of the same products and sold it to the meat market, and John Boos & Co.'s adventure began. Identifying this shortfall in the commercial market, John accelerated manufacturing and began to expand his customer portfolio.
Businessman and entrepreneur Adelbert Gravenhorst saw the potential of this innovative product and decided to invest. Together with Conrad and John Boos, they founded John Boos & Co. in 1892. Adelbert Gravenhorst focused on responding to the demand of the growing commercial meat markets and provided the necessary investment to increase the manufacturing capacity of the butcher block. John Boos & Co. headed to one goal with one product. In 1900, John Boos & Co. introduced Boos Block® to the world at the World's Fair in Paris. After the success of his investment, Adelbert Gravenhorst became president of John Boos & Co. in 1902.
Even at the Great Depression Era, the company continued to grow. John Boos & Co. added foodservice worktables and tabletops to its product range. During WWII, John Boos & Co. sold 80% of its production to the US Army, Navy, and Marine. At the end of WWII, John Boos & Co. became a brand with a stronger financial structure and a new philosophy of production and branding.
It expanded the production of stainless steel equipment in the 1960s in line with the needs and demands of the market. The fact that it produces stainless steel workbenches and wooden blocks in the same location has provided a great advantage and has enabled both wood and stainless steel to be used in many of its products, and this advantage has led to the development of many different models.
In 1970, John Boos & Co. started to work on the residential product collection in addition to the products it produced for the commercial product market and became a brand that appealed to a wide target audience throughout the country.
John Boos & Co., which designs and manufactures cutting boards and butcher blocks in different designs for a wide range of purposes, is considered one of the best cutting board brands. It offers a wide range of products, from cutting boards that should be on your counter every day to cutting boards that you only use when slicing turkey. In addition to cutting boards, John Boos & Co. offers both classic and modern style solutions with its kitchen islands. In 1990, thanks to its ability to process stainless steel, the brand combined wood and stainless steel in the residential kitchen islands, creating a modern-looking product line and received great acclaim.
As a brand that has managed to adapt to changes in the market, John Boos & Co. is one of the leading brands in both commercial and residential cutting boards. With its production facility in Effingham, IL and its extensive dealer network, including the world's largest store chains, the company responds to many different needs of consumers.


Best Cutting Board Brands - Wüsthof
Best Cutting Board Brands - Wüsthof

Wüsthof is one of the most renowned knife manufacturers in the world. Founded by Abraham Wüsthof in 1814, Wüsthof has remained a family business since its first day and is now managed by the seventh generation of the family, Harald Wüsthof and Viola Wüsthof.
Wüsthof has been manufacturing for more than 200 years with keeping the importance of quality and functionality at the forefront, and its headquarters are in Solingen, Germany, just like its first day. Solingen, known as the "City of Blades," is renowned for its high-quality knife production and Wüsthof's manufacturing facilities are an essential part of this city.
In addition to knife production, Wüsthof offers a range of cutting boards with the same quality concept. Using its know-how in the production of knives as well as in cutting board production, Wüsthof has become one of the best cutting board brands.
Wood was the most preferred raw material in the production of knife handles until the period when composite materials began to be used more. Wüsthof has managed to direct its experience in wood processing to the production of cutting boards, taking into account the needs of its customers. Wüsthof manufactures cutting and chopping boards in different sizes and styles and reaches a wide audience with its sales network in more than 80 countries around the world. Wüsthof is one of the brands preferred by professionals and is the official provider of many national culinary teams, such as German and Japanese teams.
Based in Solingen, Wüsthof prefers beech timber in the manufacture of cutting boards. Wüsthof is one of the cutting board brands that offer both usability and elegance together with cutting board designs which bears the signature of neonbraun | henning gaulke. With the combination of two centuries of experience and tradition, Wüsthof is taking its place among the best cutting board brands.


Best Cutting Board Brands - Zwilling
Best Cutting Board Brands - Zwilling

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels is one of the oldest registered trademarks in the world and specialized in knives. The brand with a visionary perspective has created its own cutting boards collection with the strength of its 288-year-old brand history. Considering that knives and cutting boards are inseparable friends, it is a natural development.
In 1731, Peter Henckels pursued his ideals and registered the ZWILLING brand. The fact that he did this almost three centuries ago shows the entrepreneurial visionary spirit of Peter Henckels. Founded in Solingen, the capital of the knife, ZWILLING has maintained knife-making traditions while bringing new techniques to the industry.
ZWILLING opened its first outlet store in Berlin in 1818. Prizes won at trade fairs made the brand recognized worldwide, and in 1883 it reached the other shore of the ocean and opened its New York branch. The growth of the brand was not slowing down and continued its growth by acquiring brands with expertise in different product groups.
Developed by ZWILLING, the ice-hardening process was patented in 1939, as a major innovation that allows knives to be more rigid than ever before and to last longer for their cutting edges.
ZWILLING made many innovations in the technical side of knives and developed cutting boards which will provide longer durability for knives, and started to produce cutting boards made of different materials, especially wood. ZWILLING is one of the best cutting board brands that prefer to use beech and bamboo in the production of cutting boards. With its wooden cutting boards in different sizes and designs, ZWILLING offers a healthy cutting environment where users can prepare their meals and also keeps the cutting edges of the knives sharp longer.
With a history of 288 years, ZWILLING always carries the responsibility of providing the highest quality products to consumers. Although the cutting board collection looks very small compared to the very large blade and other cutting tool collections, the know-how ZWILLING has makes it one of the best cutting board brands on the market.


Best Cutting Board Brands - KAI
Best Cutting Board Brands - KAI

Like Wüsthof and Zwilling, KAI is a brand that specializes in knives. Unlike the two previous brands, KAI is not based in Germany but is based in Seki City, Japan. Japanese knife and sword manufacturing techniques date back to ancient times and the Japanese technique, which has been perfected in steel processing, is respected all over the world. One of the best knife brands, KAI is one of the brands that maintain this tradition. Founded in 1908 by Saijiro Endo, KAI manufactures many different types of knives, including kitchen knives, razors, and folding knives.
KAI, which has managed to combine traditions with industrial developments and innovations, has achieved success in this field and has survived the difficult times and ensured the existence of the brand for over 100 years. In 2002, KAI created the Shun Cutlery brand to expand to the western market and began selling kitchen knives, all manufactured in Seki City, Japan, in more than 30 countries. Shun Cutlery has become a complete kitchen cutting and chopping collection by supporting its brand with high-quality cutting boards.
KAI manufactures cutting boards with three different production techniques preferred in the cutting board industry and uses walnuts and oak as raw materials. Both side-grain and end-grain boards are mass-produced products, and the addition of a limited edition block walnut board has expanded its collection. As one of the best cutting board brands, KAI also offers flexible cutting boards that are used for different purposes in addition to wooden cutting boards. KAI stands out with its wooden cutting boards, which enable them to maintain the sharpness of their kitchen knives for a longer time. KAI, which maintains both Japanese knife making and woodworking traditions, is both one of the best knife brands and one of the best cutting board brands.

JK Adams

Best Cutting Board Brands - JK Adams
Best Cutting Board Brands - JK Adams

Based in Dorset, Vermont, J.K. Adams is a brand specializing in cutting boards. Founded on the last day of 1944, J.K. Adams is one of the leading brands that has managed to maintain its traditions for the last 75 years and has been led by the second generation. With its wide product range and quality management approach, J.K. Adams is considered one of the best cutting board brands.
J.K. Adams takes a particularly traditional approach to two factors that determine the quality of the cutting board; craftsmanship and raw materials. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees and has developed a policy that will ensure the continuity of this team for a long time. The fact that the employees have been in the company for an average of 20 years is the most important proof of this. J.K. Adams uses North American hardwoods, which are sustainably grown and harvested, as raw materials, and are handcrafted at its manufacturing facility in Dorset, Vermont.
As one of the best cutting board brands, J.K. Adams attaches great importance to the elegance and style of cutting boards in addition to quality and functionality. And according to customer demands, J.K. Adams can make personalization with laser and engrave on cutting boards and can offer special products to customers who want. The brand, which has made a name for itself with its inventions, has invented the rotating spice rack and the angled knife block.
Producing both side grain and end grain cutting boards, J.K. Adams manufactures cutting boards that can be used in the food preparation process in the kitchen as well as service products that can be used during service. J.K. Adams produces cutting boards, carving boards, and serving boards, as well as many different products used in the kitchen, such as rolling pins and wine racks. The brand, which has expanded its product range over time, offers various alternatives to consumers with its home decoration products.
Standing behind all of its products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee policy, J.K. Adams promises to replace problematic products with new ones. Being one of the best cutting board brands, J.K. Adams has been one of the most preferred brands of cooking enthusiasts for 75 years with quality and customer satisfaction policies.


Best Cutting Board Brands - TeakHaus
Best Cutting Board Brands - TeakHaus

TeakHaus is the cutting board brand of Proteak, the largest forestry company in Mexico. Proteak started forestry operations in 2000 in Nayarit, Mexico. This region is chosen because the soil and climate characteristics are similar to Southeast Asia, the native land of the teak.
Starting with a plantation of 182 hectares, the process has been enlarged from year to year as a result of high yields and has now become a plantation of 18,500 hectares. Proteak grows both teak and eucalyptus and now has the third-largest teak plantation in the world. Proteak adopts sustainable forestry and launches FSC certified products. Proteak is also Mexico's leading MDF producer.
Proteak started the production of TeakHaus cutting boards from its own timber in its production chain, which focused on turning teak timber directly into products. Standing out with its wide range of products, TeakHaus has developed many models that can be used in both food preparation and presentation stages.
TeakHaus designs and produces both elegant and sustainable cutting boards inspired by the concept of the Social Kitchen. TeakHaus, which has control from the first step of the production of raw materials to the last stage of production, produces useful cutting boards with sustainability at the forefront.
Producing all cutting boards from teak timber, TeakHaus takes care that the cutting boards it produces are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and knife-friendly. Producing cutting boards with both side-grain and end-grain technique, TeakHaus creates various collections inspired by different subjects. The Canoe collection inspired by canoe paddles and the Essential collection inspired by urban life are just a few of these collections. And these collections are full of purposeful cutting boards, from the cutting board with a handle to the grooved cutting board, from the bread cutting board to the butcher block.
TeakHaus brings the unique look and durability of teak wood to the kitchens. It reaches consumers with a wide range of products at many sales points, from leading chain stores to independent retailers.

Frankfurter Brett

Best Cutting Board Brands - Frankfurter Brett
Best Cutting Board Brands - Frankfurter Brett

As the brand name suggests, Frankfurter Brett is a Frankfurt-based cutting board brand. The brand, which is very young compared to its competitors, reveals the importance of innovation with its success. Joseph Schreiter and Johannes Schreiter are twin brothers, and their separate careers merged with an idea that came to Johannes' mind in 2012, and began to move in the same direction.
A problem and solution he saw in the early days of his professional kitchen career in 2012 enabled Johannes Schreiter to prototype the innovative cutting board model "Mono" and apply for a patent the same week. This development changed the twin brothers' lives and Frankfurter Brett was established. While Johannes focused on developing his design, he continued to work in professional kitchens and develop products with real experience. Joseph, who studied industrial design, worked to make the first prototype more functional, and a concept was born in which different containers could be placed around it, and materials could be separated from each other without any need to lift the cutting board. The twin brothers described it as "workbench for the kitchen".
They launched their first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns in June 2015 with the Mono and Phoenix cutting board models they designed, and innovative cutting boards were highly appreciated. After successfully delivering the large amount of orders they have received, all they need to focus on is developing their products, designing new products, and increasing their marketing activities. In this way, they entered the cutting board market dominated by deep-rooted brands with a brand new innovative product.
Frankfurter Brett made good use of their luck at the fair held in Cologne and made the version of the Mono model made of oak included in the catalog of the famous German kitchen product retailer, Manufactum, and reached a wide customer base. Frankfurter Brett, who managed to overcome the production problems they experienced before this success, has now become a brand sold in retail stores. However, they experienced the problem of many companies and came to the point of bankruptcy and went through the restructuring process.
Twin brothers, who provided financing with different methods for a year, developed the Basic model and activated their second Kickstarter campaigns in 2016 and managed to guarantee the future of the company by selling 6 times more products than the first. They won the Excellent Product Design award given by the German Design Council in 2017. Frankfurter Brett, re-establishing its own online sales sites, was awarded the HIDDEN CHAMPION award at the Internet World Shop Awards 2018. Frankfurter Brett, one of the newest and most innovative cutting board brands, continues to grow with models and product groups that reflect the lifestyle and dreams of its two founders.

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