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Best Standing Desk Brands

Standing desks are next generation innovative office furniture with their minimalist designs and ergonomics. The best standing desk brands are competing to take them to the next level.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Best Standing Desk Brands

Best Standing Desk Brands


by Mehmet Kaplan

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Standing desks have become popular in recent years as a way to prevent skeletal and muscular diseases that are common in people who sit for long hours. The best standing desk brands are launching new standing desks one after the other that make the workspace more ergonomic with the innovative designs and functions they have developed.

Those who sit for hours and do not realize how time passes while working are at great risk. These people neither take regular breaks nor spare time for physical exercise. This paves the way for skeletal and muscle pains and irregularities. Standing desks offer a brand new working alternative for those working in their offices or homes. If you have an especially active work schedule, standing desks are for you.

Thanks to its height adjustable features, stand-up desks do not condemn you to work standing up like fixed high-stand wall desks, but allow you to work while sitting. You can also set an ergonomically appropriate height, whether you're short or tall. In some, you can save this height to the electronic height control system and adjust your desk to this height with one touch whenever you want.

Standing desks with electronic height control provide a very ergonomic working environment, especially in the common areas of different employees. Why not make our lives easier by using the advantages of technology even in the most stereotypical products? Innovative standing desk brands equip even the desk, a product which design and functionality hasn't changed much since the age of the emperors, with enough technology to deserve to be used in a space station.

I can hear you asking the most important question, what are the best standing desk brands? I've reviewed numerous stand-up desks to be able to make a list of the best standing desk brands. I chose the best standing desk brands, taking into account the product variety, technical features and designs of the products, and made a list for you. Let's take a look at the top standing desk brands that have designed standing desks that add a new dimension to our workspace.

What are the advantages of having a standing desk?

Having a standing desk gives you the freedom to work standing up. This allows you to stay away from health problems caused by sitting for long hours.

Even if you have trouble standing for a long time, the adjustable standing desks allow you to adjust the height that best suits your physical characteristics and find the most ergonomic sitting position.

Either way, whether you prefer to work sitting down or feel comfortable standing up, standing desks allow you to find and maintain the working position that best suits your physical characteristics. Even if your mind changes, it can adapt to your new idea in seconds and can be adjusted to the appropriate height.

What are the differences between a standing desk and a standard desk?

Standing desks, which look like a normal desk at first glance, can offer you a suitable workspace for both working positions, whether you prefer to work sitting or standing. If you are using a classic desk, you can only work sitting down. You can achieve the sitting position that suits you in classical desks only with the help of an adjustable chair.

Using a stand-up desk in common work areas helps team members to create the most suitable work environment for them in a very short time, and also creates a more energetic office environment. Another advantage of using a standing desk in offices where more than one person shares the same station at different times is that it does not require the use of furniture, such as a chair, that should be chosen in accordance with personal physical characteristics. This feature provides a much more general and healthy use.

What inspired the development of standing desks?

To be honest, I don't know the exact answer to this question. But in my interpretation, technical drafting tables have inspired modern standing desks. However, it is also known that many writers prefer to write while standing.

In the past, I envied architects and technical drafters to be able to work standing up. But now, thanks to the best standing desk brands, we have the opportunity to work standing up both in the office and at home. It is also possible to return to the classical working position by bringing it to a normal desk height whenever we want.

Every new product idea arises in line with the needs. Modern standing desks were also born as an idea that allows some of us to have a more comfortable working environment. Height adjustable standing desks, some of which are manual and some of which are electronically controlled, are creative office furniture that make our lives easier and protect our health.

Are standing desks really worth it?

Of course, they are not suitable products for every user. If you do not have any discomfort with the chair and table you use while working in your office or home, you do not need a stand-up desk. The thing you need to pay attention to is not to work by sitting for long hours. To avoid spinal cord discomfort by maintaining the correct sitting position during the sitting. You should take breaks at set times, get up and walk a little, and allow your body to balance the blood circulation. If possible, you should protect your muscular and skeletal health with simple physical exercises.

But if you're dealing with the physical problems of sitting down, standing desks are really worth it. If you do a job that requires you to get up frequently during the day, setting up your organization on a standing desk is worth it. If you're managing multiple stations and need to switch back and forth between them, yes, using a standing desk is worth it. And if you're open to innovative ideas at work and like to be a little different, the standing desk is worth it.

Can standing desks be used while standing only?

Of course not, you can also use these adjustable desks while sitting. Being adjustable gives you this opportunity. Standing all day can be tiring for some of us, but you can continue to work by sitting at any time by adjusting the height of the desk. The main advantage of standing desks is that whether you prefer to work sitting, semi-sitting or standing, you can adjust it to the most ergonomic height for you, save it electronically, and bring it back to that position with a single touch.

Are there standing desks compatible with different design approaches?

The general structures of standing desks show great similarities with each other and there doesn't seem to be much design variety. On the one hand, this is true. However, different tabletop materials and color options make it possible to find a stand-up desk suitable for any basic design approach. Of course, it is not fair to look for the design diversity of a standard office desk in a standing desk that stands out with its modern lines, because its purpose is to offer comfort to its users rather than adapting to the office design.

While it doesn't offer a wide variety of designs, whether you're decorating a modern office or a more classic room, you can find a standing desk to suit any basic design approach. You can choose a standing desk in a completely white and modern design, or you can find models that represent classic elegance with their black legs and table top made of solid wood. Fortunately, the innovative top standing desk brands are creating a variety of products with different design approaches and technical features.

Standing desk buying guide

When you decide to buy a standing desk, there are details that you need to pay attention to in order to choose the right one. It is not possible to say that there is a standing desk that can meet the needs of every user. Every user has different demands and needs.

So the important thing at this point is to first decide why you want to buy a standing desk. Do you want to buy a standing desk just because it's stylish, because it's an innovative product, or because it'll look good in the corner of your office? Or do you want to get a standing desk to get rid of the pain you suffer while sitting at a low or high desk?

In both cases, you can find a standing desk to meet your needs. Let's take a look at what details you need to pay attention to.

How to choose the best standing desk for you

It is a challenging process to pick the most suitable one for you among the products that are very close to each other. Very small details allow you to make the right decision or lead you to a product that is not right for you. I would like to briefly mention some details that you should pay attention to.

Height adjustment method

The most basic feature of standing desks is that their height is adjustable. However, there are several ways to do this. There are standing desk models with manual adjustment system. If your budget is low and you do not plan to change the height of your desk very often, it is wise to choose manual models. There are also advanced standing desks equipped with electronically controlled height adjustment systems powered by a single or double motor. Since double motor tables are much more powerful, they will give more efficient results in long-term use. Especially if different people will use the standing desk and its height will be constantly changing, it will be effective to choose models with electronic control, which keep the heights in memory and can be adjusted with a single button. Preferring models that do not make very loud noises allow you to adjust whenever you want, especially if you are using them at home.

Stability and durability

You will either write or draw by hand or use a computer on a standing desk. That's why you don't want it to shake. Therefore, you should prefer standing desks with a stable structure. When you think you are going to put your computer, monitor, printer, or phone worth thousands of dollars on it, physically checking that the desk is durable will give you peace of mind in the future.

Have enough work surface

While every user has different needs, the workspace is at the top of this list of needs. Some users put only one laptop on their desk and it is enough for them to have empty space to put the mouse and notepad. Some users keep a large monitor, a laser printer, a keyboard, a mouse, several notebooks, and various files on their desk at the same time. Therefore, in order to choose the right size standing desk, it is essential to consider your own habits and intended use. A large surface does not always mean good, a surface with dimensions that meet your needs is best for you.

The dimensions of the adjustable standing desk and its suitability for your physical characteristics

Before choosing a standing desk, it is very important to know the most ergonomic working height for you while standing. After all, every stand-up desk has a minimum and maximum height, and it is critically important that the height you need is within this range.

And, it is necessary to pay attention to the general dimensions of the product. Although it is not very critical in large areas such as the office, the dimensions of the table are important if you are going to use it at home. Before making your choice, take the measurement of the place where you want to place the table. Compare with the dimensions of the product, visualize how much space it will occupy, and make your decision accordingly. And definitely remember that because showrooms are so big, products look much smaller there than they would be at home. While you are making your decision, trust your tape measure, not your eyes.

Design is always important

It is important that the standing desk you plan to buy is compatible with the concept of the office you plan to use. If you are planning to use it in your home, it is important to make a choice that is compatible with the design of the room you will use. Offering different color and material options, the best standing desk brands are one step ahead of the others in meeting customer demands.

What are the accessory options?

Details determine the suitability of the products for you. When examining different brands and models, you should carefully examine which optional accessories they offer and which ones are compatible with the table you are considering buying. Cable management kits and different drawers are among these accessories that can affect your work performance the most. Purchasing these accessories avoids messy cable tangles and clutter of office equipment you don't use often.

Easy setup

If you are buying it for your office, you probably have a support team with the technical knowledge to set up these desks and you will not have much trouble. However, if you plan to use the standing desk in your home, it is very important that it is easy to set up. The fact that there is an installation manual in which the installation stages are explained one by one and that a second person is not needed in the installation are among the reasons for preference.


Since standing desks have mechanical moving and electronic parts, the manufacturer's warranty is very important. The brands that offer the longest warranty period always stand out. Some brands also offer an option to extend the warranty. Considering the long-term, the importance of the warranty should not be overlooked.

To choose a product that is important for your health and so effective in increasing your work performance, you need to consider many different details and spend some time choosing the right standing desk for you. I advise you, who know the importance of having a healthy working environment in all aspects, to prioritize your own characteristics and expectations in your choices.

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