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FoxDen Decor Now Offering Furniture in Custom Dimensions

Wednesday, November 29, 2017



Source : FoxDen Decor

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FoxDen Decor, a Houzz recommended company, and a furniture retailer that has been featured on HGTV, is now allowing customers to request specific dimension on their orders.

"As FoxDen Decor continues to grow rapidly thanks to our outstanding customer response, we are able to offer more and more options," says Jami Stewart, spokesperson for FoxDen Decor. "Our real reclaimed wood furniture and vanities have always been highly customizable in terms of color and hardware, but now we are stepping away just stock sizes, and allowing customers to ask for custom dimensions as well. We couldn't be happier to have this option available."

Stewart continues, "With custom dimensions, you can now get reclaimed wood furniture that is truly your own. You choose from among our bestselling pieces, or be inspired through the customer gallery. Then you make your piece unique by not only choosing the finish, but the level of distressing as well! Now add the hardware you like best and give us the sizing, so it fits perfectly into that nook or by that wall - giving you the functional conversation piece you have only dreamed about."

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