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Lurento Expands Luxury and Sports Car Rental Business to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Rent Rolls Royce Dawn in Dubai, UAE


Source : Lurento

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Premium car rental marketplace, Lurento, has announced the launch of its service in the United Arab Emirates. Customers can now rent luxury and sports cars in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"Dubai is a leading location for luxury travelers and sports car enthusiasts alike. Our customers will have the opportunity to choose from a lot of models this holiday season, along with the best deals. In addition to top European brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, Lurento now offers Cadillac, GMC, Lincoln and other premium cars from US brands," says Milan Krstanovic, Partner Relations Manager.

As the largest luxury car rental service, Lurento offers an unparalleled selection of premium cars, luxury cars, sports cars, and supercars. Launched in 2016, Lurento has quickly increased its European operation, and is now based in 80 cities across the continent. The launch into the United Arab Emirates marks the next chapter in the firm's exciting and ambitious expansion strategy, and is the company's first venture outside Europe.

"While the premium and luxury car segment is covered by traditional car rental operators, the offering is more fragmented than the broader sector with a significant number of smaller, independent operators. This creates friction in the market, as independent operators often lack visibility to inbound travelers. Potential clients may, on the other hand, be wary of dealing with unfamiliar providers. Lurento bridges this gap through offering a neutral venue for operators and clients to interact, increasing visibility for small providers covering this niche segment while facilitating the process and creating trust for customers to rent their dream cars or specific, premium models," says Nicolay Nedrelid, Founder & Corporate Advisor at Nedrelid Corporate Advisory, an independent consulting boutique focused on the car rental industry.

As two of the world's most popular travel destinations, Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a wide range of activities for the discerning traveler, with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix just one of the many highlights pulling in sports car fans from around the globe.

"With such strong supply and a lot of requests from our clients, we've decided to accept partner companies and make their inventory available for customers worldwide. It will also serve as sandbox for a number of features we'll test to improve our service and provide the perfect rental experience for our customers," says Mihailo Dhoric, CEO.

The next five years are anticipated to be a period of fast growth in the region too, with the government announcing projects such as The Dubai Marina development to further add to the region's tourism credentials. While VAT will be introduced in 2018 at a rate of 5 percent, it is not expected to have a significant impact on the car rental sector.

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