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Parabel Wins Innovations Award at Food Ingredients Europe for Novel LENTEIN Plant Protein

Thursday, November 30, 2017

LENTEIN smoothie


Source : Parabel, Inc.

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Parabel won the FIE Innovations Award in the Growth Category, for the its new LENTEIN Plant Protein. LENTEIN is a plant protein extracted from the world's smallest flowering plant commonly called the Water Lentil. Parabel is the first company to develop an open hydroponic system to grow, process and commercialize the plant

LENTEIN Complete is a whole food ingredient containing 40 - 50% protein and 35% dietary fibres. Very popular for nutritional beverages such as meal replacements and sports protein powders, it also fortifies snacks and bars. Because of its high chlorophyll content, it has a mild, pleasant green taste and colour. The plant is a minimally processed whole food produced without chemicals or pesticides which maximizes digestibility and bioavailability of the nutrients.

LENTEIN protein contains higher levels of Essential Amino Acids and BCAA's than other plant proteins and has an amino acid profile similar to whey protein. The hypoallergenic protein is also very digestible with a typical PDCAAS of 0.93.

LENTEIN Complete is also thought of as a superfood containing Omega 3 fatty acids, Lutein, antioxidants and other macro and micro nutrients

The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honors professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation.

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