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Radianz Cirrus Collection From LOTTE Advanced Materials Features Innovative Patterns and Natural Stone Appearance

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cirrus Collection of countertop designs by Radianz


Source : LOTTE Advanced Materials

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LOTTE Advanced Materials introduces its newest selection of designs, the Cirrus Collection, including 13 new, premium colors and patterns reflecting the sophisticated elegance of quarried marble. Inspired by high-altitude sweeping clouds, the new colors of the Cirrus Collection feature dynamic, flowing patterns that create a smooth countertop design.

As part of the Radianz line, the Cirrus Collection offers unique combinations of color, pattern, and texture, designed to bring a classic look and feel to kitchens and bathrooms. From the deep, rich tones of Aster black, to the soft, subtle white hues of Orion, each color offers its own unique aesthetic inspired by the beauty of natural elements.

"Cirrus clouds often have the same lines or striations against a blue sky as the beautiful, natural vein patters in marbled stone, making Cirrus the perfect name to represent this collection," said Brandon Choi, marketing manager, LOTTE Advanced Materials USA, Inc. "The Cirrus Collection's classic, marble-like appearance helps create the impression of timelessness, permanence and strength."

Radianz surfaces are comprised of more than 94% natural quartz, one of earth's strongest materials, providing the beauty of natural stone with superior durability. Unlike granite or marble, Radianz surfaces are non-porous and impervious to liquids, with resistance to marring, physical impact and high temperatures. Because the non-porous surface is resistant to liquids, there is virtually no risk of permanent stains from everyday spills such as coffee, juices and wine.

The Cirrus Collection is ideally suited for spaces where both beauty and durability are necessary, including commercial settings, residential kitchens and bathrooms, healthcare facilities, as well as restaurants and hotels. The natural-looking tones beautifully harmonize with any size space, opening the door for creative, highly-personalized designs.

LOTTE Advanced Materials sells Radianz through select distributors and channel partners. For more information on the Cirrus Collection and other Radianz premium quartz surfaces, please visit www.radianz-quartz.com.

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