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Team Wendy® Releases M-216™ Ski Search And Rescue Helmet

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Team Wendy M-216™ Ski Search and Rescue Helmet pictured with CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6® and Princeton Tec® Charge Pro MPLS Task Light


Source : Team Wendy

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Cleveland-based Team Wendy announced the launch of its M-216™ Ski Search and Rescue Helmet today. Different from traditional ski helmets, the M-216 represents an important leap forward, providing the ski search and rescue (SAR) professional with a platform that can be scaled up or down to meet the mission requirements.

The M-216 incorporates mounting capabilities not previously available to rescue operators in any ski or snow rated helmet. Utilizing features originally developed for the military and tactical community, the helmet provides side accessory rails for mounting a variety of lights and cameras, and a glass-reinforced polycarbonate shroud for attaching headlamps, cameras, or even night vision and thermal optics devices.

At its founding, Team Wendy's principal focus was making the most protective ski helmet in the market. Eventually, time and innovation shifted that focus to military, law enforcement, and search and rescue. Search and rescue professionals around the world turn to Team Wendy-industry leaders in the design and development of cutting edge headborne systems. And now, it's back to the space that started it all.

"As we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the founding of Team Wendy, we wanted to leverage our experience protecting professional operators around the world to develop a unique and innovative scalable ski search and rescue helmet," said Jose Rizo-Patron, CEO of Team Wendy. "The M-216 symbolizes a return to our roots as Team Wendy's first-ever helmet was produced to protect skiers. We wanted to bring the innovative helmet systems we're known for now in the military and law enforcement space to the ski SAR community."

Every helmet includes a Princeton Tec® task light (choice of Switch-MPLS or Switch-Rail), designed to seamlessly integrate with the accessory rail. An open area on the crown allows for mounting of cameras and beacon lights, including the MOHOC® military-optimized camera, and CORE Survival HEL-STAR® 6 multi-function beacon light. The helmet has also been optimized for comfort and stability featuring a customized Boa® Closure System to provide precise fit adjustment with single handed quick release, and an under the chin retention system with Fidlock® magnetic buckle for one handed operation even while wearing gloves.

The protection offered by the M-216 Ski Search and Rescue helmet is highlighted by meeting ASTM F2040-11 for recreational snow sports and BS EN 1077:2007 Class B for alpine skiing and snowboarding.

The M-216 model is initially available in black/gray and white/gray and small/medium (1.27 lbs. / 0.58 kg), large (1.44 lbs. / 0.66 kg) and extra-large (1.52 lbs. / 0.69 kg). The M-216 will retail at $339.95 and is now available for sale on TeamWendy.com as well as through authorized Team Wendy distributors and select retail shops.

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