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The Bodega Numanthia Barrel by Loewe

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Bodega Numanthia Barrel by Loewe (PRNewsfoto/Bodega Numanthia)


Source : Bodega Numanthia

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For the first time, Bodega Numanthia and Loewe, two luxury houses rooted in Spanish history, have combined their expertise to create a unique barrel of Termanthia, the iconic wine of the Estate. The 225 litre barrel, equivalent to 300 75cl bottles, is crafted from French oak wood and will be covered in Loewe leather.

"The Bodega Numanthia barrel by Loewe is a tribute to the Spanish craftsmanship, savoir-faire and audacity. Together, we have reinterpreted a core symbol of winemaking, the barrel, a Collector piece, in an unprecedented style." says Jean-Guillaume Prats, President & CEO of The Moet Hennessy Wine Division.

Located in Valdefinjas, Castile and Leon, in the Northwest of Madrid, Bodega Numanthia is a Spanish diamond. Firmly rooted into Spanish history and terroir, the Estate is the birthplace of powerful and intense wines, the incarnation of the prestigious Designation of Origin Toro. Spain is also the cradle of Loewe and remains the brand's home. The heart of Loewe still beats in Madrid, where its world-renowned leather goods continue to be made.

"Numanthia & Loewe share a common essence that made this collaboration very coherent from the beginning. Both are Spanish and Luxury brands with more than a century of history and are driven by the pursuit of excellence and the importance of craftsmanship." adds Pascale Lepoivre, CEO of Loewe.

Clients will be offered the unique opportunity to personalize their barrel with a selection of Loewe calf leather, available in five different tints, specially chosen by the house, and will have their own initials to be appended on the barrel using the art of leather marquetry, a technique requiring extreme precision.

Available on demand, this exceptional barrel will be delivered at the buyer's home as of December 2018 along with the finest wine from Bodega Numanthia, the 2016 Termanthia - bottled in 75cl, 150cl, 5L or 12L formats according to the preference of the future owner. Crafted from 140 years old vines, the 2016 vintage of Termanthia is patiently ageing in the cellars of Bodega Numanthia and already promises extraordinary fruit concentration, remarkable freshness, intense structure and exquisite balance.

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