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Wind Energy and the Largest Wind Farms in the World

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wind Energy and the Largest Wind Farms in the World


by Bontena Team

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More than 20% of the world's electricity is provided by wind turbines. In some countries, this rate is even over 30%. Why do not all the world's countries invest in this clean and sustainable source of energy? I think, explaining the impossibility of this transition will take thousands of pages. But we can call it 'Politics' shortly.

Later in the 21st century, the usage of this energy source will be increased, whether want it or not. The main reason for this is the depletion of oil resources. Countries that already understand and examine this issue are already looking for solutions for their future.

Wind Energy and the Largest Wind Farms in the World

Here we will understand both numerical and visual exchanges on how the studies are carried out in the countries that are interested in this subject.

Wind Energy and the Largest Wind Farms in the World

Let's take a look at to the world's largest wind farms;

Gansu Wind Farm

7,965 MW

Gansu, China

Muppandal Wind Farm

1,500 MW

Tamil Nadu, India

Alta Wind Energy Center

1,320 MW

California, United States

Jaisalmer Wind Park

1,064 MW

Rajasthan, India

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

845 MW

Oregon, United States

Wind Energy and the Largest Wind Farms in the World

Roscoe Wind Farm

781.5 MW

Texas, United States

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

735.5 MW

Texas, United States

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

662.5 MW

Texas, United States

Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm

600 MW

Fantanele & Cogealac, Romania

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

599.8 MW

Indiana, United States

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