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CorTec/ChefTec Makes New Connection with Cheney Brothers

Monday, December 18, 2017

Chef plating a dish


Source : Culinary Software Services, Inc.

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Culinary Software Services, the leading provider of back-of-the-house technology for the foodservice industry, has created an "electronic partnership" with Cheney Brothers, Inc. by providing a seamless interface between Cheney's invoicing/ordering system and CorTec/ChefTec software. Cheney Brothers is the largest food distributor in the South and this interface provides CorTec/ChefTec customers with faster and more accurate inventory and accounting, thus creating better profit margins and accountability.

Previously, all Cheney Brothers ordering was completed through a separate online program or as a paper and pencil process. The Cheney Brothers EDI interface service enables ChefTec and CorTec to electronically and seamlessly place orders directly to Cheney Brothers as well as receive invoices.

"I've said this before about all of our 'electronic partnerships' with purveyors: the seamless interface is a win-win situation for the entire foodservice industry," stated Brian Bennett, president of Culinary Software Services. "Not only does it save ChefTec customers money, but it can reduce time spent on purchasing and ordering by a factor of five! For foodservice operations it is vital to find ways to save time and money while reducing back-of-the-house processes."

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