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Ombra Di Pantera and Artist Mister E Debut Limited Edition Bottle during Art Basel

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cuvée Mister E Edition Brut, a limited edition collaboration from Ombra Di Pantera & Mister E


Source : Ombra Di Pantera

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Today, Ombra Di Pantera is bringing Italian luxury and vibrant artistry to life with the launch of Cuvée Mister E Edition Brut. The limited edition bottle is a visionary collaboration between Ombra Di Pantera, the super-premium DOCG Prosecco brand and Mister E, the contemporary Miami-based artist known for his colossal and colorful interpretation of US currency. The two have partnered to debut a unique and vivid bottle. Cuvée Mister E is a collector's item, with only 3,000 bottles designed by Mister E, and will be displayed for the very first time at the artist's exhibit, The Silver Factor-E, during Art Basel.

Ombra Di Pantera is a brand that confidently embodies the true essence and seductiveness of affluence and quality. The inspiration for Cuvée Mister E was undoubtedly the artist himself, a master of his craft and a true proponent of innovation and revelry. Beyond art exhibits, Mister E's paintings are collected by a wide range of celebrities, and have been featured in a variety of television shows and music videos.

"Mister E is redefining art and pushing boundaries of what the category should be, which is what we are doing with our Prosecco," said Francesco Vanoli, Director of Ombra Di Pantera. "It was an honor to work with him on creating Cuvée Mister E, a unique edition built with genuine craft and effervescent luxury."

Cuvée Mister E is created using superior Glera grapes from the delicately cultivated Conegliano vineyard. This product is carefully created 'in bianco' to capture the delicate sparkle of a very fine and fruity bouquet. Dry, fresh and light in the mouth, Cuvée Mister E is soft and well balanced, with good aromatic length and a memorable, fruity finish.

"I always want my artwork to make a statement and allow people to think about the world in a different way" said Mister E. "I was inspired by the confidence and craft of Ombra Di Pantera and thus created a colorful and vibrant bottle for drinkers to not only enjoy but to be a visual experience they'll never forget."

Visit Mister E's exhibit, The Silver Factor-E at The Delano South Beach through Sunday, December 10th for a first look and taste of the limited edition product. Encased in a golden box, Cuvée Mister E is an ideal gift for the art enthusiast. Now nationally available online, the limited edition bottle can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $100.

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