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Former NBA Player Ben Gordon Set to Pen New Launch Signature Brand

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ben Gordon


Source : Ben Gordon

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With the New Year comes new directions for many and Former NBA player (Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks) Ben Gordon is no exception. Launching a namesake brand and product line in 2018, his newest ventures include a forthcoming book as well. Despite challenges faced along the way, Gordon has taken a progressive approach to redirecting his life, and career.

By refocusing on the road ahead, Gordon's new branding efforts look like a promising fresh start. His plans for an informative book is set to offer a glimpse into his sometimes complicated but quickly successful climb to success in the NBA. At the same time, it offers almost a self-help approach for up and comers with its cautionary yet inspiring examples of success and money. Of the many aspects of his burgeoning enterprise, it includes plans for a signature men's cologne and a line of sleek and stylish home interior products.

Despite having learned the rigors of advancing through a competitive sport while achieving success at a relatively young age, Gordon feels the need to share both his personal journey and examples of taking one's life and dreams to the next level. Consumers can anticipate the Ben Gordon book and brand to kick off mid-2018. As for the ins and outs of his career, and past legal and personal hurdles, his new ventures reflect a man ready to play the game of life—as hard as he did on the courts. The details of this journey will soon be available in the pages of his book, and in the growth of his brand.

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