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Gold & Honey Jewelry Debuts Blossoms & Lucite Collections with Swarovski Crystals

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Floral Hoops From The Blossoms Collection: STYLE NUMBER: F57841


Source : Gold & Honey

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Fine Jewelry and accessories company Gold & Honey, (http://www.goldandhoney.com), announced today the release of their Spring collections "Blossoms" and "Lucite with Crystals from Swarovski". The Blossoms collection features an array of unique products with intricate diamond-cut floral cut outs. Bestsellers within the collection are expected to be the on-trend flower ear pin earrings and their eye-catching floral print hoops. The Lucite with Crystals from Swarovski collection is unlike any other currently found on the market and features an array of chunky statement pieces in spectacular spring colors. All spring items are currently available via the Gold & Honey website and can be snatched up at easy-on-the-purse-string price points of $50 to $220. Aside from the two new collections, the website provides a gorgeous selection of gold, silver, embedded stones, earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Gold & Honey debuted in 2017 and is the new go-to site for affordable Fine Jewelry and accessories. Driven and curated by four savvy sisters with exceptionally different style personalities, the online boutique features a style file of pieces based solely on each sister's character and personality: The Everlasting Classic, Gold Bold or Go Home, The Wild & Carefree Spirit, and The Ostentatious Fashionista.

"We wanted to emerge from the hibernation of the winter months by providing our customers with an explosion of color and beauty through their jewelry selections," states Rachel Mandelbaum, Co-owner of Gold & Honey. "We found a way to provide two stellar collections that bridge the balance between chunky bright statement styles and delicate understated elegance."

Whether headed to the boardroom or out to a night on the town, Gold & Honey's pieces set the tone with luxurious elegance, refined quality, and superior packaging. The young company is run by the four daughters of a jeweler, designer, and innovator, Jonathan Mandelbaum. The blending of their unique styles and energy has been the cornerstone to the growth and success of the organization.

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