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Home Netwerks Offers Innovative, New Wall Mirror Featuring Dimmable LED Light And Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Connect to your mirror to listen to music and make phone calls


Source : Homewerks Worldwide

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The innovative smart home technology brand, Home Netwerks™ is adding to its exciting line of Bluetooth enabled bathroom products which includes several Bluetooth Bath Fans, a Bluetooth Shower Head and Medicine Cabinet. Home Netwerks™ makes connecting with your Bluetooth audio devices easy; effortlessly filling your spaces with rich sound and functionality.

Easily brighten a space and bring music to a room with the Home Netwerks™ LED dimmable lighted mirror with Bluetooth speakers. The mirror features integrated dimmable LED lighting that borders all four sides of the mirror, bringing light to the room and enriching details in the mirror's reflection. The mirror also packs innovative, dual Bluetooth speaker technology that lets you connect, play music and make phone calls from your device seamlessly.

The 30" x 24" mirror mounts to the wall, is hardwired into your home's power supply and can be operated by the existing wall switch. The mirror also features touch sensor buttons for operating the LED light and the Bluetooth functionality. The LED light is designed with three different levels of brightness which the user can easily cycle through with the touch sensor buttons. Additionally, the mirror includes a built-in anti-fog feature which prevents fog from building up on the mirror surface while you shower.

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