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Recaro partners with Ford on the Special Edition Mustang Bullitt

Sunday, January 14, 2018

With seats designed by Recaro Automotive Seating, Ford is introducing the special edition Ford Mustang Bullitt. The Recaro Performance seats come with black leather trim and unique green accent stitching.


Source : Recaro Automotive Seating

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"Steve McQueen is a legend. And Bullitt is a legend as well as the famous dark green Ford Mustang he drifted through San Francisco," said Martin C. Klein, head of Recaro Automotive Seating. "Recaro is a perfect fit and we are honored to deliver our equally legendary performance seats for the limited edition Ford Mustang Bullitt."

With at least 475 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque delivered by its upgraded 5.0-liter V8, the new Ford Mustang Bullitt tops out at 163 mph. The Recaro designed performance seats optimize the driver's connection to this iconic power car, whether it is headed onto the open road or the racetrack.

Perfectly matching the limited Mustang Bullitt's exterior colors Shadow Black and the classic Dark Highland Green, the Recaro driver and passenger seats come with black leather trim and unique green accent stitching. Recaro enhances the overall seat design and performance with unique foam, cushion and side bolstering, achieving a seat contour that amplifies the riding experience and helps to eliminate body fatigue. The integrated headrest features the brand's distinctive, racing-inspired pass-through harness bezels.

Visitors to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) can see the limited Mustang Bullitt seats in the Ford display on the main floor of Cobo Center.

Recaro Automotive Seating is the premium brand of Adient, the global leader in automotive seating, standing for luxury, extraordinary riding performance, best comfort and ergonomics, and outstanding design. The brand has been fascinating its customers for 112 years with pioneering solutions for the automotive business. Starting as a coach builder, today Recaro is the only car manufacturer that turned into a specialized seat manufacturer, resulting in an unparalleled understanding of the interaction between vehicle driving dynamics, controlled performance riding and the importance of the seating position.

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