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Shenzhen Jewellery Fair 2018: Jewellery Resources China

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shenzhen Jewellery Fair 2018


Source : UBM China (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

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Hosted by UBM China (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., the 2018 edition of the China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair - Shenzhen (Shenzhen Jewellery Fair) promises to create a product sourcing experience that goes beyond the trade show floor by embracing a theme that reflects Shenzhen's vibrant jewellery design and manufacturing heritage.

"Living up to its reputation as one of the most important shows in the global jewellery sector, the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair is shifting its focus by branding the whole trade show experience around the theme 'Jewellery Resources China,'" said Teddy Tan, Event Manager of Shanghai Jewellery Fair. "This strategy is aligned with our clients' business goals and objectives. The fair aims to better address the market's ever-changing needs, enabling exhibitors and buyers to engage in more meaningful interactions, build stronger relationships, gain access to a knowledge-rich environment that is unique to Shenzhen and arrive at more competitive decisions that will help them grow their businesses."

As competition becomes fiercer and the complexity of the global jewellery market increases, more and more enterprises are compelled to think differently and adopt strategies and techniques that can drive business growth. To some, it may mean exploring partnership opportunities with manufacturers and designers to maximise resources, and to others, it may entail the deployment of new technologies and even the creation of new sales channels to boost revenues.

Industry powerhouse UBM Asia, the engine driving more than 20 jewellery fairs in key cities around the world, is harnessing Shenzhen's jewellery manufacturing excellence and concentration of expertise and opportunities to create a show that will serve as a one-stop source for customised solutions aimed at industry stakeholders everywhere.

"We have everything covered – from brand-building and jewellery design to the latest technologies and precious and alternative materials," said Mr Teddy Tan. "The show's value proposition has become even more clearly defined. It's all about delivering solutions and benefits beyond what you may have experienced before."

Scheduled for 19 to 22 April 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, the 16th edition of the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair will feature more than 300 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions, and is anticipated to draw nearly 10,000 buyers from 60 countries and regions. The central attractions are core pavilions hosting some of the world's major jewellery manufacturers and gemstone suppliers and industry segments under the show's signature "Resources" umbrella that are trending right now, including Brand, Innovation, Crossover, Fine Jewellery, Design, Fashion Jewellery, Jade, Other Finished Jewellery, Display/Technology, Materials and HR/Media.

"It was my first time at the fair. I met some of my target suppliers, and I found the special events very informative. The Factory Visit Programme organised by UBM Asia was excellent; it provided me with valuable knowledge about the industry and was an incredible experience," said Christine Chau of iFANCY Jewelry, a retailer from the Taiwan region.

Zhou Jianxiang, a designer at China-based Yi Shi Jie, commented, "I have been visiting this fair for three years. My objective is to get inspired with the latest designs. I was able to preview upcoming trends. The security at the fair and organiser services are satisfactory. I highly recommend the fair to designers like me."

The Shenzhen Jewellery Fair has firmly secured its position as the must-attend jewellery fair in Southern China. In the last 16 years, this trade show has served as a powerful platform for buyers and suppliers of finished jewellery, diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and other jewellery-related merchandise. While at the fair, visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the exciting line-up of high-level forums and special events that will provide them with valuable insights on key issues impacting markets, design and technology. One of the fair's core attractions is the highly popular China Jewellery Market Summit, which is jointly organised by the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair and CJNA. The summit provides local retailers and manufacturers access to the latest information on China's jewellery market and features jewellery parades, which offer exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their new collections and build brand awareness. In 2017, the summit drew more than 2000 attendees, including regional jewellery retailers in China, and local and overseas media representatives.

Acknowledged as a pillar of China's jewellery industry, Shenzhen hosts around 3,600 jewellery manufacturers who produce more than 70 percent of the country's jewellery output. Not only is Shenzhen China's most important jewellery processing and production centre – and one of the world's primary jewellery manufacturing hubs – it is also the country's main wholesale market for jewellery. Shenzhen is facing exciting and challenging times, which means the region is rife with possibilities and business opportunities. Manufacturers who want to stay relevant are embracing new technologies and approaches that can transform – even disrupt – their businesses. They are expanding the reach of their talent searches, investing in innovative processes and encouraging creativity to drive profitability in the years ahead. This exceptionally dynamic and vibrant environment further underscores the significance of the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair as the trade show where meaningful conversations between manufacturers, designers and yes, even competitors, do take place.

"We are raring to show our exhibitors and visitors the exciting changes we'll be introducing to the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair. What we have here is a winning combination – Shenzhen's exceptional positioning in the industry and UBM's unrivalled experience and track record in the jewellery fair space," said Mr Teddy Tan. "If you want to stay ahead of the industry, make sure that you sign up for the 2018 edition of the show."

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