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ToBox wants to relieve your stress, starting in your kitchen.

Friday, January 5, 2018



Source : ToBox

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Last year the American Psychological Association (APA) reported 52% of Americans feeling a significant amount of stress as they ponder on the future of the nation, their work and their family's financial stability. Increases in stress take time from family and self-care you will never regain. As we look forward to this new year, it's only natural to set goals for yourself that can empower you to improve and live a better life overall.

ToBox.com launched January 1, 2018 selling essential kitchenware and home goods priced up to 40% less than even the top brands with their best discounts. The goal being to bring you the same quality you grew up with in your household or see on shelves in stores- without all the extra costs of having a brand name on it.

By establishing relationships with factories that manufacture many of your existing kitchen tools then curating an assortment of only the best quality items, ToBox delivers customers just what they need at an affordable price. All products are stringently tested for harmful materials, best factory practices and of course- simplicity to use.

"What we want to set us apart from the other consumer goods companies out there is our teams investment into the community. We plan on putting our money where our heart is in 2018 by joining hands with a lot of great organizations, putting a major focus on how we can give back," says Diandrah Lamarche, ToBox's Head of Marketing.

Know anyone in need of a kitchen upgrade? ToBox is ringing in the new year gifting one deserving chef a FREE kitchen set. Want to nominate someone? Send an email and brief intro to hi@tobox.com. Winner will be announced on January 20th!

ToBox is an LA based, community focused kitchenware and home goods brand inspiring simple living starting in the kitchen.

In today's busy society you look to your kitchen and home goods to make life easier and we're here to deliver it- all in one curated box.

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