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Vobot Unveils a Stylish Wake-up Light with Amazon Alexa

Friday, January 5, 2018

Vobot Halo


Source : Vobot Inc.

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After releasing the world's first smart clock with Amazon Alexa at CES 2017, Vobot Inc. will feature in CES Las Vegas 2018 with its Vobot Halo, a fancy multifunctional smart wake-up light which is an innovative combination of home automation with the voice-activated assistant and contemporary modern design.

Nowadays, the commercialization of artificial intelligence has become one of the greatest changes in technology and business society. With the launch of Apple Siri in 2012, the voice revolution started becoming a global phenomenon. Amazon and Google have a robust head start and have already activated the drive and creativity of the developer community. Vobot Team, as one of the forerunners, strive to push the boundaries of innovation in AI-enabled devices, aiming to make everything simplified for people's daily life.

Committed to providing high quality, cost-effective smart home devices, the young Vobot Team seizes the market opportunity, integrating Amazon Alexa into their own products to create innovative voice-enabled AI devices. For a start-up firm, finding a point of differentiation to stand out is a critical key factor to success. After releasing the world's first smart clock with Amazon Alexa in June 2017, Vobot Team is going to launch a new long-prepared smart device - Vobot Halo, a fancy multifunctional smart lamp with integrated voice-assistant, alarm, and dimmable smart light!

Studies show that exposure to the proper amounts of early morning light is important for the correct function of the body's internal clock. A gradually increasing light intensity can make people feel more rested, energetic, and bright. Inspired by this idea, Vobot Team has spent a long time in research and development, and finally uses a unique combination of wake-up light and Amazon Alexa Voice Service.

In addition to countless Alexa skills, Vobot Halo has the perks of:

- Sunrise simulation function: adapting to your natural rhythms, the light simulates sunrise to wake you up gently from a deep sleep.

- Customized alarm sounds: wake up refreshed with your favorite TuneIn radio or playlist.

- Color diversity: 16 million colors available. Select a perfect hue to suit your mood and match your environment.

- Dimmable bedside lamp + Daily routine: 10 brightness settings ensure optimal visibility. Easily manage your smart devices and organize your daily schedule.

- Modern, stylish design: charming nightstand with its sleek design, easy to read LED display with a retro classic projection.

Besides Vobot Halo, other Vobot family products ranging from the clock, speakers, buttons to related Amazon Echo accessories will also be showcased during the show. Interested parties are welcomed to visit Vobot at CES 2018, Sands, Hall G - 52530, Eureka Park, from Jan 9th-12th, 2018.

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