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Adidas Festival Celebrating Basketball Culture Featuring Pharrell Williams And Alexander Wang

Sunday, February 18, 2018

From L to R Cari Champion, Damian Lillard, Pharrell Williams, Karlie Kloss and Alexander Wang at the adidas 747 Warehouse St Festival - PHOTO CREDIT NEILSON BARNARD GETTY IMAGES FOR ADIDAS.jpg


Source : adidas

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This weekend, adidas rolled out an epic line-up of events including musical performances, celebrity appearances and limited edition sneaker drops during the adidas 747 Warehouse St. two-day festival celebrating basketball culture in downtown Los Angeles.

Bringing together basketball fans and those passionate about design, sneakers and streetwear, the 747 Warehouse St. space embodies adidas' belief that basketball is more than a game – it's creativity; innovative ingenuity; and a community built not only on sport but also on music and style. adidas brought together Pharrell Williams, Alexander Wang, Karlie Kloss and Damian Lilliard as part of the second day of programming. The four diverse celebrity creators came together under the banner of the panel series #TLKS to discuss what creativity means to them and what creativity means to the world of sports. Uniting music, style and sport, adidas invited attendees to discover firsthand how the three-stripe brand influences culture.

For more information, go to www.adidas.com/us/747WarehouseSt

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