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Fisher & Paykel Appliances Announced the Opening of Their Costa Mesa Experience Center

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hero kitchen island in the Costa Mesa Experience Center.


Source : Fisher & Paykel

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Fisher & Paykel appliances is pleased to announce the opening of their Costa Mesa Experience Center, and their partnerships with luxury kitchen brands supplying cookware, knives, faucets and outdoor furniture.

The 6,500 sq.ft. showroom designed to inspire customers sits next to the North American headquarters and provides a platform for training, learning and designing. The kitchen vignettes and demonstration areas in the showroom feature faucets and fixtures from ROHL. The ROHL Luxury Stainless Steel Kitchen and Bar Sinks are paired with faucets from the ROHL Pirellone Series. All of these products are designed, engineered and crafted in Italy from the finest materials, by highly-trained artisans employing generations of know-how to their craft. ROHL is based in Irvine, California. "We'll thrilled to partner with Fisher & Paykel in their new Experience Center in Costa Mesa and to share our message of Authentic Luxury," said Greg Rohl, VP of Marketing for ROHL. "Fisher & Paykel is regarded as being an innovator in the appliance world and we're proud to feature several of our own 'ROHL Water Appliances' throughout the space to provide design professionals and consumers with a complete kitchen experience."

Another key partner is SCANPAN, a Denmark-based company that has been producing durable and timeless artisan cookware for professional chefs and home cooks alike. "We're delighted to partner with Fisher & Paykel, whose commitment to sustainability and innovative design reflects our brand philosophy. We believe that featuring SCANPAN cookware and GLOBAL knives in the Experience Center will complement the excellence that Fisher & Paykel appliances are known for," said Jesper Brund, CEO and President of SCANPAN USA. In the tradition of the Samurai sword, GLOBAL knives are produced using the highest-quality stainless steel by Japanese craftsmen. GLOBAL is known worldwide for their perfectly balanced, lightweight kitchen knives and ergonomic handles with the signature dimpled pattern.

Room & Board, with their modern outdoor furnishings, has elevated the design in the DCS outdoor products area, which showcases the Series 9 Grill, launching in April. "Fisher & Paykel's attention to detail, innovation, and desire to create products tailored to their clients' needs is in perfect alignment with Room & Board's brand philosophy," said Tracy Yoshihara, SOCO Retail Market Manager. "After touring Fisher & Paykel's new state-of-the-art Experience Center, located just minutes from our SOCO showroom, we knew a partnership would be a fantastic fit, and we are thrilled to provide our timeless, modern furnishings for the spectacular alfresco-like area of their Costa Mesa Experience Center."

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