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G-SHOCK Rangeman With The World's First Solar-Assisted GPS Navigation

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Casio G-SHOCK Announces Retail Availability Of RANGEMAN GPS Navigation Timepiece


Source : Casio America, Inc.

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Today, Casio G-SHOCK announces the availability of the new RANGEMAN GPS Navigation timepiece that was first showcased earlier this year at CES. The latest addition to its RANGEMAN series of watches, which supports the wearer even in survival situations, the new GPRB1000 features the world's first solar-assisted GPS navigation and is available now in black or olive green.

Part of the Master of G line, this solar GPS timepiece is designed for use in the most extreme conditions and comes equipped with premium features such as Triple Sensor technology (altimeter/barometer, compass and thermometer) as well as mud resistance and low-temperature resistance based on the concept of "Survival Toughness."

In addition to Triple Sensor, the new GPRB1000 is capable of GPS navigation—a first for a G-SHOCK watch. The watch collects location data from GPS satellites to display the current location on a route or bearing to a destination, in real-time. The watch also saves track and point data (including longitude/latitude, altitude, and temperature) in memory.

Outdoorsmen and explorers can utilize the GPS navigation side button on the RANGEMAN to log travel and track progress while maintaining accurate timekeeping and location. The timepiece also incorporates a new dual task display that can show current time, date and world time split with the user's choice of navigation path, barometric graph or sunrise/sunset data.

Using Bluetooth®, the watch pairs with a smartphone to connect with the G-SHOCK Connected app, allowing the user to create routes or manage log data in the app. Tracks and point data saved in memory are displayed on a 3D map or as a timeline. The watch also receives data from time servers to keep accurate time anywhere in the world.

Each timepiece boasts a carbon fiber insert band, stainless steel black IP buckle and bezel, sapphire glass crystal, high-contrast MIP (Memory In Pixel) display and super LED backlight, as well as 3,300 almanac points for accurate tide and moon data. In a first for G-SHOCK, the watch also features a ceramic case back, which supports wireless charging and high sensitivity GPS reception. The case back uses a 2.0 mm thick ceramic material, making the watch shock-resistant and waterproof down to 200 meters.

The new RANGEMAN model also features world time (39 cities, 39 time zones), four daily alarms with one snooze, a stopwatch and countdown timer and 12/24-hour formats – all in a 57.7mm case. The GPRB1000-1 and GPRB1000-1B are now available for $800 at G-SHOCK retailers, including select Macy's, jewelers, www.gshock.com, and the G-SHOCK Soho Store.

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