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LC WAIKIKI Presents Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Mesmerising Women's Collection From LC Waikiki


Source : LC Waikiki

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LC Waikiki brings together the key pieces of the season. In the Spring-Summer 2018 Collection, "Luxe Utility", "Casual Friday", "Shiny Sport", "90's Glam", "Retro Marine," "Into The Wild"and "Nature Calls " offer women the opportunity to present their style in the best possible way. Luxe Utility, where the patterns of khaki and blue tones are combined with the grill patterns, pearls and fishnet details, is used with gilded prints, jersey and denim fabrics. Casual Friday, which refers to the comfort of Friday, is reinterpreted by making classic check of all times meet the burgundy. The lace and stripe details add modern touches to Casual Friday.

LC Waikiki Spring-Summer 2018 Men's Collection reflects the energy of colors, creating charismatic silhouettes transverse stripes, which are important trends of the season, move the models with small slogan graphics. The camouflage pattern turns into different forms, which confronts us with a comfortable and practical look that is designed to rethink the future. Military effective graphics are used boldly in the cargo pocket jogger pant detail pants are combined with zip sweaters and long T-shirts. Theme designed for those who do not give up being a rebellion denim biker jackets and jogger pants are offered to men's liking. The symbol of softness is pink in the theme ant it is blended with the dominant side of anthracite. The pattern prints are used with mixed designs and carry the oversized pieces to the wardrobes

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