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Chomko LA Releases State of the Art Solar-Energy Street Clocks

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

City Clock - Chomko LA


Source : Chomko LA

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Pennsylvania-based company, Chomko LA, has released a new line of energy-efficient, solar-powered Street Clocks that are both beautiful and practical for any street-side. These ornate, high-tech street clocks are made to custom order for any business, golf course, or main street, providing a virtually hassle-free and low-maintenance option for keeping with the times. Once installation is finished, the clock runs on sophisticated, GPS-linked technology, leaving a striking timepiece running accurately and reliably.

A valued patron of Chomko LA, Morgan Creek Golf Club, CA, explains, "we picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier." It's clear this company values not only advanced, effective technology, but also the finishing details.

The accuracy of these clocks is secured in this Advanced Solar Technology, adjusting even for minimal sunlight and Daylight Savings 365 days a year. The installation, even, is much simpler given the absence of electrical wiring. Installation only involves digging a hole to put a cement footer in place. There is no on-going maintenance associated with the clock. Even the adjustments for daylight saving time in the spring and fall are done automatically without any human intervention. The most effort the patron will have to put into their new clock will be choosing exactly what they want aesthetically.

The designs of these clocks are malleable to customer desire and values. The customizable nameplates are carefully hand-painted and serve as templates for a sponsor name, memorial, or short epigraph. The choices for the dial-faces include both Roman and Arabic numerals, allowing for further nuance and style any patron is hoping to blend with their organization—just imagine the photo opportunities and conversations these street clocks could elicit. Once a clock has been designed to satisfaction, Chomko LA will ship new clocks anywhere in the USA, always with the guarantee of perfectly synchronized time from sea to shining sea.

In addition to streets clocks Chomko LA also manufacture city clocks for buildings. They offer these clocks in both electric and solar. Building clocks may have larger clock hands than your typical post clock and therefore, require more power to accurately move the clock hands. In such cases electric clock motors will be used.

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