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Designer Alexandra Mayr-Gracik Named CEO of Sabika Jewelry

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik (left) succeeds her mother, Karin Mayr, as President and CEO of Sabika Jewelry. Mrs. Mayr is Founder and Chairwoman of the Board. She will focus her time as Special Advisor to Sabika's Consultants across the United States.


Source : Sabika

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Sabika, a company by women for women since 2001 and one of the most respected and successful family-owned jewelry businesses in America, today announced a family leadership succession that has been planned for several years. Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, 37, was named President and CEO of Sabika and will succeed her mother, Karin Mayr, in this leadership role that she held since the company's founding 17 years ago. Karin Mayr will continue her role as Founder, Chairwoman of the Board and Special Advisor to Sabika's Consultants across the United States.

Mrs. Gracik joined Sabika in 2005 and has most recently served as Vice President of Design and Product Development working in collaboration with her mother, Karin, who founded the company when she was 50. Formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Vienna, Gracik will remain the head designer for the firm's heirloom collections.

Sabika started from the family's kitchen table in Pittsburgh at a time of financial need for this immigrant family who came to the U.S. in 1985. Earlier in her career, Mrs. Mayr was a trend forecaster and marketing consultant and collaborator between European fabric mills and top U.S. designers. She was determined to build a company that connects women in every community.

"I am so proud to know that my daughter Alexandra is now leading a company built by our family," said Karin Mayr. "Her work continues to promote our mission of bringing beauty, joy and opportunity to women of all ages and diverse backgrounds through a new generation of Sabika Parties that bring women together in a variety places. I'm planning to spend most of my time in the field helping to inspire and coach our Consultants across the United States."

"It is an honor to succeed my Mom in leading a company with a focus on connecting and empowering women across the United States," said CEO Alexandra Gracik. "My goal is to expand Sabika's reach to an even wider audience and, with our newest Basics by Sabika™ Collection, to help women of all ages to become successful entrepreneurs while expressing their own style. We are dedicated to helping women succeed in business and in life through our jewelry designs that are created by women for women of all age groups and walks of life."

Basics by Sabika- A New Collection

The newest Sabika collection, called Basics by Sabika™, is being introduced on May 1. Designed by Alexandra Gracik, Basics by Sabika is an introductory mix-and-match assortment of jewelry targeting both its traditional and a younger audience. With a simplicity of design featuring the worldwide exclusive Sabika Cut® created by Swarovski in a vibrant range of colors, this new line adds a pop of color and light to any occasion and outfit. With this Collection, Customers don't have to travel to the store, the store comes to them in the form of a small portable clutch and personalized style guidance given by the Sabika Consultant. For more information about Basics by Sabika™ visit www.sabika-jewelry.com starting May 1st, follow @basicsbysabika Instagram or contact your local Sabika Consultant.

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