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Hightower Launches New Collection

Monday, May 7, 2018

Breck Benches from Hightower, designed by Most Modest. Shown here with Timber, Hightower's sound-absorbing, modular wall and ceiling panels.

Breck Benches from Hightower, designed by Most Modest. Shown here with Timber, Hightower's sound-absorbing, modular wall and ceiling panels.


Source : Hightower

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Hightower launches their latest collection, featuring up and coming designers from San Francisco to Stockholm. Described as 'playful and polished' Spring/Summer 2018 includes Gimbal, a newly developed soft seating option aimed at improving focus and attention, particularly helpful for users who tend to fidget after long periods of sitting. The incredibly comfortable Gimbal is unique to the contract furniture industry in its minimized pivot action; just enough movement to expel energy. The collection from Hightower also introduces a group of modern, sound absorbing wall, ceiling, and work area privacy panels. Fresh designs in tables and benches as well as new, Scandinavian-designed seating and lighting round out this latest offering from ancillary contract furniture leader Hightower.

Spring/Summer 2018 designs are available in North America exclusively through Hightower sales representatives and authorized dealers. Please call (816) 286-1051 or email sales@hightoweraccess.com.

Featured collection designers:

  • Most Modest, San Francisco
  • Form Us With Love, Stockholm
  • GamFratesi, Copenhagen
  • Zilenzio, Örebro

Justin Champaign, Founder and Principal Designer at San Francisco's Most Modest notes, "The goal for Most Modest designs is that they can stand alone but also blend with a wide range of furniture pieces to create an eclectic, diverse aesthetic. I think this is especially true with the latest Hightower launch."

Natalie Hartkopf, Hightower co-founder agrees adding, "Our latest collection shows how we are listening to our community. During the design process, we're constantly asking ourselves: 'How can we improve? How do we evolve?' Through this very collaborative process, we learn from each other and we respond through design."

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