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Kate Hudson's Fabletics To Launch Girl Almighty Capsule Collection To Support The United Nations Foundation's Girl Up

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Fabletics Girl Almighty campaign featuring Kate Hudson with members of Girl Up’s CSU Northridge campus chapter

Fabletics Girl Almighty campaign featuring Kate Hudson with members of Girl Up’s CSU Northridge campus chapter


Source : Fabletics

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Fabletics is excited to announce a limited-edition global capsule collection to benefit the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up initiative. For over a year and a half, Fabletics and Girl Up have joined forces to support their unified mission to make girls leaders of tomorrow through the empowerment of girls worldwide. Since its launch in 2010, Girl Up has funded United Nations programs that promote the health, safety, education, and leadership of girls globally and has built a community of over half a million passionate advocates.

The Girl Almighty themed capsule collection features six outfits comprised of an assortment of sports bras, leggings and performance tops including tanks and a hoodie. Fun and functional designs are featured in a soft, feminine color palette of rouge, jasmine, cashmere, dusty rose, and clay. Inspired by Kate Hudson's vision for Fabletics to be a fashion-focused activewear brand with the mission to empower women by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone – the capsule collection embodies this message through branding select styles with "Girl Almighty" to inspire girls and women to stand up and celebrate each other regardless of size, shape, age or ability.

Kate Hudson was joined by members of Girl Up's CSU Northridge campus chapter for a photo shoot featuring the collection in Rancho Palos Verdes, California – where the girls were able to model the fun styles and proactively share their ideas for a brighter future. "I'm so excited to unveil the Girl Almighty collection in support of Girl Up. It has been a truly rewarding experience to work closely with the organization and the girls to create a collection that spreads the message that girls and women are the fearless leaders of tomorrow," said co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson.

The Girl Almighty capsule collection will support Girl Up's SchoolCycle initiative, donating 20 percent of net proceeds to reach Fabletics' goal of $50,000. Girl Up's SchoolCycle initiative works with UNFPA to give girls bikes in developing countries– along with spare parts and maintenance training – so they can continue their education and travel quickly and safely to and from school, as well as give them independence and mobility to create a better future for themselves, their families and communities.

"Girls are an incredibly powerful force for change. At Girl Up, we give girls leadership training and a platform to make their voices heard. Every girl deserves a chance to achieve her dreams, and with a SchoolCycle bike, girls can get safely to school and choose their own future. We are so happy that our ongoing partnership with Fabletics furthers our cause with this fun capsule collection for Spring!" said Anna Blue, Co-Executive Director of Girl Up.

The Girl Almighty inspired capsule collection by Fabletics will be available starting May 8th in Fabletics stores nationwide and on Fabletics.com.

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