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LadyGang And Claremont Lincoln University Partner To Offer Over $100,000 In Scholarships

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The LadyGang

The LadyGang


Source : Claremont Lincoln University

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The LadyGang, in partnership with Claremont Lincoln University, will offer over $100,000 in scholarships to The LadyGang podcast's powerful and passionate fans and listeners. The LadyGang, which is anchored by Entertainment Tonight correspondent Keltie Knight, actress Becca Tobin and fashion designer Jac Vanek, are giving back to their listeners through education to create social change in their local communities.

"We started The LadyGang to empower ourselves, and through doing that, we have created an incredible community of women who empower each other," said Tobin. Being a platform for women and women's issues in today's society and not mincing words about what really matters has elevated The LadyGang and their influence on women all over the country. The LadyGang credits their podcast's success all to their listeners, "We wanted to show our listeners how much we appreciate them," said Tobin.

The LadyGang wanted to show their gratitude and give back in a way that also makes a difference. "We wanted to give back to our listeners in an impactful way that could change their lives for the better," said Knight, "And there is no better way to create change than through education." They've partnered with Claremont Lincoln University, an online, non-profit graduate university, to offer their listeners a chance to earn their master's degree through The LadyGang Scholarship Contest. "We chose Claremont Lincoln University to be our partner because the work that their students are doing is amazing and incredibly in line with what we're all about at The LadyGang," said Vanek.

"The LadyGang's ability to engage in dialogue and resonate with their listeners is remarkable," said CLU President Dr. Eileen Aranda, "We are honored to partner with them to offer our socially conscious and affordable master's degrees."

To enter, podcast listeners shouldn't expect 500-word essays or a traditional scholarship process, however. True to their unapologetic Hollywood brand, The LadyGang will picking the scholarship awardees through an Instagram video submission contest throughout the month of June under the hashtag #LadyGangU. The full scholarship contest details and qualifications are listed at http://www.claremontlincoln.edu/THELADYGANG

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