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Meitu Partners with British Museum to Launch Limited Edition Smartphone

Monday, May 7, 2018

Limited edition of Meitu X the British Museum series V6 smartphone

Limited edition of Meitu X the British Museum series V6 smartphone


Source : Meitu

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Meitu, Inc. (Meitu) (Stock code: 1357.HK), China's leading mobile Internet company with its apps installed on more than 1.5 billion unique devices, has unveiled a limited edition of its V6 smartphone, a joint project with The British Museum, at the British House in Beijing. The artistic legacy of the world's largest museum lends the co-branded smartphone an elegant touch of Rococo style, which will enhance the appeal of the V6 among female consumers.

This is the first time that the British Museum has partnered with a smartphone brand on a co-branded project. With the aim of bringing the beauty of the Rococo style to modern times, the co-branded smartphone has been designed with inspiration from Antoine Watteau, one of the most important and famed Rococo artists. The entire package, with uniform color combination and pattern, includes the smartphone, ECCO leather case and an additional cosmetic brush set.

"Since its inception in 2008, Meitu has always focused on the idea of 'beauty' when producing any of its products. We are not making an ordinary smartphone. It is the art of beauty. We hope that through this cooperation with the British Museum, and by combining art and technology, more people will see and experience the 'beauty' of life," said Yi Wei, Senior Vice President of Meitu.

The smartphone package's graceful and romantic vibe shows that it is made for the booming "female economy" across the globe. In this sector, the Meitu smartphone, since its first launch in 2013, has long been a bellwether, attracting female consumers with the excellent performance and functionality of its photo technology. In the past, Meitu has launched co-branded smartphones with a range of famous cartoon icons, such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.

This latest co-branded edition comes with the advanced features of Meitu's V6, including the pioneering dual-pixel front camera fitted with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology, offering photo quality and performance similar to DSLR cameras, and magic AI (Artificial Intelligence) beautification technology, which can apply different facial improvement effects specific to skin tones and faces of various genders and ages.

China Telecom is the exclusive distributor of this co-branded smartphone. China Telecom, with its own smartphone brand, serves the high-end market in China. Together with Meitu, the pair will further explore the female sector of that market. The Meitu and British Museum co-branded smartphone will be available for purchase from May 20 on jd.com and May 30 at China Telecom retail stores for 6,999 yuan (US$1101). For more information about Meitu mobile, please visit: https://corp.meitu.com/en/business/hardware/ and https://www.meitu.com/phone

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