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The Future Of Air Travel Takes Off In 2019

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

AURA, the future of air travel takes off in 2019.

AURA, the future of air travel takes off in 2019.


Source : ZED Aerospace

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Flight experience innovator ZED Aerospace will launch AURA, America's first Five Star flight experience, in 2019. AURA provides unrivaled luxurious and affordable service between small private airports of large U.S. cities, aboard a showcase fleet of custom Swiss-designed aircraft. AURA, filling the gap between commercial airlines and private jets, will connect Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver with scheduled, frequent and reliable service in its first year. The AURA fleet of Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft will be operated by Presidential Aviation, a well-established operator with an impeccable safety record that is ARGUS Gold rated and Wyvern Wingman certified.

Beginning May 29, 2018, ZED Aerospace offers a limited number of individuals and businesses the opportunity to become Founding KeyHolders of AURA, securing exclusive KeyHolder pricing and access to AURA at launch. To meet the high expectations of AURA at launch, ZED Aerospace is strictly limiting this offer available only until July 1, 2018. Standard Keys will be available after this offer closes. Founding options are:

Founding KeyHolder (one adult) $100

  • Locked-in Founder renewal rate of $100/month (vs. $250/month for Standard)
  • Waived $700 initiation fee

Founding CorporateKey (up to 50 users) $1,000

  • Locked-in Founding CorporateKey renewal rate of $1,000/month (vs. $5,000/month for Standard)
  • Waived $5,000 initiation fee

The monthly fee will begin only after the KeyHolder's first flight. Founding KeyHolders receive exclusive development content, updates, offers, invitations, and the AURA Metallic Series: a curated collection of 10x15in images showcasing AURA. Register online at www.flyAURA.com to become a Founding KeyHolder.

AURA is affordably priced for individuals, families, and businesses traveling between major cities, offering the most refined flight experience in the United States. Highlights include: welcoming service, spacious leg room, excellent food and drink, technologically-magnificent cabins, and high-speed Wi-Fi, all included in a single ticket price. Most significantly, all AURA flights depart from private terminals, allowing passengers to arrive at the airport only 20 minutes before departure. The time savings realized flying AURA returns days, if not weeks, worth of time back to the lives of frequent fliers. Free valet parking is offered to same-day round-trip business travelers. One-way fares will start at $280. (Please see www.flyAURA.com for a full list of anticipated routes and fares.)

"My vision for AURA is beautiful customer service paired with industry-leading design and technologies, never before seen on commercial aircraft," says Zander Futernick, Founder of ZED Aerospace. "We are building AURA for you. I want to call each and every Founding KeyHolder for input on how we can make a better AURA. Americans will be proud to have AURA fly their skies. It will set the tone for modern air travel. Be our guest!"

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