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Carlisle Launches New Luxury Collection Inspired by Nature

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Featured Floor: Remington, Carriage House Collection

Featured Floor: Remington, Carriage House Collection


Source : Carlisle Wide Plank Floors & Rugs

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Today Carlisle Wide Plank Floors & Rugs launches a new luxury wide plank flooring collection embracing the natural character of the tree, Carriage House Collection. With a nod to America's equestrian heritage, this collection is inspired by nature and our ongoing commitment toward flooring made of sustainable materials with a natural look and feel.

All of the floors in the Carriage House Collection are as close to natural as you can get. Each plank has been carefully selected for its quality and ability to retain the natural characteristics and authentic beauty of its original timber. This means you can see the entire story of each tree, giving it a second life in your floors.

With four different species – Cherry, Hickory, White Oak and Walnut – this prefinished hardwood collection features 8" widths with an average plank length of 6-7' and absolutely no fill or glue, which speaks to the quality of the timber and our plank by plank crafting techniques. The color palette ranges from light to dark and has a satin sheen that enhances this collections natural beauty allowing the inherent color of the original timber to shine through.

"Our top designers are using this in chic environments where the organic appeal compliments the other fibers they are using to create a contemporary, yet natural environment," said Chris Sy, Chief Product Officer.

For more information about the Carriage House Collection visit: https://www.wideplankflooring.com/products/collections/carriage-house/ contact us at 800-595-9663 or visit one of Carlisle's luxury showrooms.

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