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CarnoSyn Sponsored Athlete, Luca Galliano, Sets a New Course Record and Wins the 2018 Omnium Suisse

Monday, June 25, 2018

(PRNewsfoto/Natural Alternatives Internatio)

(PRNewsfoto/Natural Alternatives Internatio)


Source : Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

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CarnoSyn®, a division of Natural Alternatives International, Inc. ("NAI") (Nasdaq: NAII), and one of the world's leading sports performance ingredients, is pleased to announce the first major professional golf win by Luca Galliano, Swiss pro golfer and CarnoSyn® athlete.

Galliano won the 2018 Omnium Suisse golf tournament held at GC Montreux on June 11, 2018, finishing 3 shots better than the field and with a score of 20 under par for the tournament. Galliano led the tournament from start to finish while completing all 4 rounds under par, including a record setting second round of 64.

"I'm very proud of my first victory," Galliano said. "I've been really focused and dedicated to my training. It feels incredible to see my hard work pay off and to achieve the new course record. Everything just seemed to click, and I was setting myself up for a lot of good looks at birdie. I'm so thankful for the win."

Galliano has been supplementing daily with the scientifically-proven dose of 6.4 grams of SR CarnoSyn® sustained release beta-alanine to support greater gains in muscle strength and power, which ultimately help him to swing faster and hit farther.

"Taking SR CarnoSyn® has supercharged my performance on the course and in the gym," Galliano said. "I see my ball fly longer and my club speed has increased from 112 to 120 MPH. I feel so good after any competition or training session. SR CarnoSyn® has increased my power, focus, and muscle recovery speed."

"NAI is proud of Luca's strong performance and his incredible achievement in winning the Omnium Suisse and setting a new course record," Kenneth Wolf, NAI's President, said. "It's truly rewarding to see our sponsored athletes' dedication to CarnoSyn® supplementation and his steadfast training regimen pay off. We look forward to many more victories to come."

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