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Hormel Foods Donates 37,000 Cases of Food Products for Global Disaster- and Hunger-Relief Efforts

Friday, June 1, 2018

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope


Source : Hormel Foods Corporation

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Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL) today announced it has donated over 37,000 cases (600,000+ cans) of shelf-stable food products to Convoy of Hope for disaster- and other hunger-relief efforts around the world. A portion of the products donated were sent to Hawaii to help with volcano disaster-relief efforts.

"Convoy of Hope has been an excellent partner to work with for our disaster- and hunger-relief efforts," said Kelly Braaten, manager of external communications at Hormel Foods. "As a food company, we are inspired to do our part to help end hunger and food insecurity. This donation is a testament to our ongoing commitment."

In addition to its disaster- and hunger-relief efforts with Convoy of Hope, Hormel Foods has a long-standing partnership with Feeding America and other foodbanks, and continually donates products that can be used for hunger relief. In 2017, Hormel Foods donated $5.4 million in cash and product donations toward these efforts.

"Hormel Foods continues to be a wonderful partner 'at doing good together,'" said Jeff Nene, national spokesperson at Convoy of Hope. "This donation will make a big impact in helping families in need."

For additional information about the company's hunger-relief efforts, please visit https://csr.hormelfoods.com/

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