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Interview with Irene Krasniansky, Co-Founder of Bambooee, about Her Idea 'Washable Bamboo Towels'

Wednesday, June 27, 2018




by Mehmet Kaplan

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Making our Earth more livable and leaving a better nature for future generations requires community awareness, but it will be very effective if each individual independently fulfills his or her responsibilities. Some of these individuals contribute to the nature conservation process by developing different projects, Bambooee is one of these. I had the opportunity to have an interview with Irene Krasniansky about the Bambooee idea and product they developed and I asked my questions.


Noam Krasniansky - Bambooee

Irene, you have laid the first seeds of the Bambooee idea with Noam in 2009. Can you share about the growth process of the Bambooee idea with us?

I was reading an article about the fact that only 7% of the Brazilian Rainforest is left. The rainforest is the lungs of our planet. I didn't want to contribute to that so I demanded Noam, my husband, help find a solution. If I refused to use paper napkins and paper towels in my house we should find a solution that would be useful for other people as well.

What were the biggest challenges you faced while creating Bambooee? How did you solve?

No one understood the reusable paper towel concept. It took us a few years to teach people and get them to understand. Appearing on Shark Tank in 2013 really helped. Noam did a demo right there on TV to millions and the orders just started coming in. Plus having Lori Griener become our investor was a dream come true.

What is Bambooee? Why did you prefer bamboo for production? Could you tell us about the Bambooee features?

Bambooee is a cloth made from Rayon made from bamboo. It comes on a roll, so it is easy to make the switch. Bambooee is sustainably made. China has strict land management laws and gives families land rights which helps them have financial stability and these families take care of the land. Some countries are not managing their bamboo supply and it is becoming a problem. We only use sustainably grown bamboo. Bamboo goes very quickly and produces much more biomass than trees.



Would you compare it to the standard paper towels we use in our kitchen?

Bambooee is stronger, more absorbent and more durable than any paper towel.

Is it a solution for customers or for our planet? How does Bambooee protect the trees and our wildlife?

Bambooee saves customers money. The average household uses 1-2 paper towel rolls a week. Bambooee can replace up to 286 rolls of paper towels. So you would have to buy paper towels for 5 years. 3000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in one day.

Could you give us an information about social responsibility projects you are supporting?

We have been working with Trees for the Future. They have an amazing agroforestry program. They teach people to grow their own food forests in very poor countries. Those that participate in their programs raise their standard of living. All of a sudden they can feed their families and send their children to school. It is quite amazing.

Could you mention the awards you won by the Bambooee idea?

Bambooee received the Best of the West award at the Natural Foods Expo held yearly in Anaheim. And we also were awarded an Innovation Award at the International Housewares Show. That was exciting.



Where was the position you wanted to place Bambooee in the market before you presented? Are you still on the same road, or did the market conditions and the demand for Bambooee moved your brand to a different point in time?

We wanted retailers to except us with open arms, but they really haven't. They are in love with their huge isles of paper towels. The numbers do speak for themselves, as customers are shopping less at retailer stores and more online we have been able to continue to sell Bambooee with success. More and more consumers are looking for ways to save money and help the environment even if retail stores are not presenting them with those solutions in stores.

What do you think about social media? Do you think it is used as much as possible to protect nature? Which one do you prefer most?

Social media is fantastic. We no longer have to sit and watch tv to find out what is important and what needs our attention. Passionate individuals are speaking out and making us aware of what is really going on. The pictures posted about the planet speak for themselves.

How can our readers buy Bambooee and support to plant a tree?

Bambooee.com, Amazon, The Container Store. Readers can donate directly to Trees for the Future. They can also plant a tree in their own communities. I suggest Waterboxx for planting trees in hot areas. If I could plant trees for a living I would. I have become obsessed with that.

What is next for you and Noam?

We are launching Bambooee Janitorial this month, restaurants and chains have been interested in reusable. Also, our fantastic Shark, Lori Griener, has been amazing. She got our Bambooee pillow unto QVC. That has been wonderful.

Thank you Irene.

For more information, please visit website of Bambooee

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