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Interview with Jane O’Mahony, General Manager at Princess Street Hotel from Manchester

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Princess Street Hotel

Princess Street Hotel


by Melisa Kaya

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There are too many reasons to visit Manchester. Entertainment, cultural tourism, football or just for business. Whichever it is for, you would like to stay in where you can easily reach all these activities.

Princess Street Hotel is housed in stunning Grade II-listed Victorian property and located close to major tourist attractions. "Theater of Dreams" - Old Trafford, Manchester City Stadium, Manchester Arena, The Opera House, Arndale Shopping Center and Exchange Square.

I asked Jane O’Mahony, General Manager of Princess Street Hotel, what topics I am curious about a prize-winning city hotel, and the city of Manchester.

Could you tell us about your hotel and your location?

Princess Street Hotel is a new boutique hotel based in the city centre. We aim to offer guests a high quality experience. We don’t aim to be the coolest or trendiest hotel, nor the most hi-tech; however, we do aim to be guests’ favourite by keeping it simple – the way a hotel should be.

What are the specialities of your hotel? What could you offer to your guests for making their holiday unforgattable?

Being based in the middle of the city centre gives us a unique selling point for guests. We’re less than a five minute walk away from museums, restaurants, bars, shopping and more, so we are ideally located. We also have a lovely in-house speciality tea and coffee bar, Lawn, which serves quality drinks, cakes and snacks, while our restaurant and bar, 24, has recently unveiled a new menu full of regional flavours.

What kind of additional services do you offer for business travelers?

We have conferencing facilities if business travellers want to conduct meetings within the hotel. We also offer all our travellers an extensive choice of newspapers and our front desk concierge service can support on anything a business traveller needs to make their trip run smoothly.

How can business travelers make their individual or group reservations?

The easiest way is via our website, www.princess-st.com, or by calling +44161 236 8999.

Which is the top season for travelers who want to visit Manchester? What is the reason?

Manchester has something to offer all year round. The football season is naturally a big draw thanks to our two top teams, but local festivals such as Manchester Pride, in August, also draw large crowds.

If you have only one weekend in Manchester as a first time visitor, in this limited time, what are the best things to do?

To get a real flavour of Manchester, you should definitely spend some time browsing the independent shops, bars and restaurants of the Northern Quarter. I’d also recommend the city’s incredible museums, such as the Museum of Science and Industry or the Imperial War Museum North. Manchester has a rich history in science – you can visit the University, the birthplace of graphene, or see the Alan Turing memorial statue. The city’s vibrant gay village is based just around the corner from the hotel, around Canal Street.

What are authentic local experiences of Manchester for your guests have access to?

In just a few minutes’ walk, guests can be in the quirky Northern Quarter, stylish Spinningfields (a busy hub of restaurants and bars), China Town or the gay village. Manchester has rich heritages in football and music, so guests can easily locate important local spots.

Who are the most famous people you welcome at your hotel?

We see a lot of famous and familiar faces at the hotel but I’m afraid my lips are sealed when it comes to naming names!

Could you describe the importance of football for Manchester?

Football is in the city’s blood. With two premiership teams competing for ground in the city, you’ll likely find that everyone you meet is a staunch ‘red’ or ‘blue’! When it’s derby day, the city comes alive with a wash of colours and the atmosphere is electric.

How do you describe Manchester in one sentence?

The city experience you’ll never forget.

Thank you Jane.

For more information, please visit website of Princess Street Hotel

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