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Interview with Julie Salter, Marketing Manager of Flawless Photography Studio from Manchester

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Flawless Photography Studio

Flawless Photography Studio


by Melisa Kaya

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Think of a place, you enter into it, and then you come out with a completely different look. For people who could not see you there at the moment, you have a proof, your photograph. A good make-up and a quality photo can show you as you want it to be. It is a great advantage to be able to do both in the same place.

Flawless Photography Studio offers makeover and photography at the same place at the same time. I asked Julie, Marketing Manager of Flawless Photography Studio, about their makeover, fashion and photography studio.

Flawless Photography Studio

Flawless Photography Studio

Could you tell us about your studio and services?

We are a makeover, fashion and photography studios. Here at Flawless we inspire and empower over 15,000 happy customers ever year, providing an unforgettably fabulous makeover experience in our stunning photography studios based in Manchester, Leeds and Middlesbrough. The experience includes the following:

  • Warm welcome from our friendly reception, with unlimited refreshments available.
  • Glamorous makeup transformation.
  • Stylish dry hair design.
  • Mini manicure.
  • Fun fashion photoshoot in our multiset studios, with bespoke backdrops and props.
  • Same day editing, retouching and viewing.
  • Different photo packages are available.

Our service is perfect if you’re seeking a little escapism from your every day life, want to indulge in some well deserved and decadant pampering. Or if you fancy feeling like an A-list celebrity for the day, then Flawless has a makeover and photography package for you.

Flawless have a team of 80 friendly staff over our 3 state of the art studios, we’re 100% dedicated to ensuring to you have an exceptional experience and a day full of fun and laughter that makes you feel confident and completely self assured.

Our state of the art multiset photography studios includes props and backdrops to suit your individual style.

How long have you been interested in photography? Who or what inspired you?

All of our photography specialists have been interested in photography since discovering their creative talent, which could date back to their school days. It’s definitely a passion that runs through the entire team in our City Centre studios. The inspiration for the company, when it launched 12 years ago, was to empower, inspire and build the confidence of many. Our female team of photographers are interested in all types of photography, but they especially love to capture people when they are at their most confident. The most interesting aspect of photography is the ability to be able to capture a special moment in a second, and keep that memory for a lifetime. It’s a great feeling that Flawless are able to do that for 15,000 customers a year.

Flawless Photography Studio

Flawless Photography Studio

What are your favorite things to photograph? and What is your favorite type?

One of our favourite genres to photograph are of course fashion and photography style photoshoots. We shoot glamorous fashion and makeup looks in our multiset city centre studios with gorgeous bespoke backdrops. This type of photoshoot is not only our preference, but it’s also our profession. We enjoy shooting stills, actions shots and pictures to suit the individual style of the customer. The great aspect of Flawless, is that our photography style changes everyday depending on the person, their preferences and what they are wearing. Everyone is different, and Flawless like to cater for everyone and tailor a photoshoot to their personal style.

What is the most important factor of a good photograph?

The most important factor of a good photograph is to ensure the customer is happy, comfortable and confident. It’s also vital to ensure the lighting enhances the customer’s best features and the backdrops and props suit their personality and preferences. It’s just as important to make sure that the style of the photograph is suited to the individual, to ensure they are at their most confident. Both choreographed photoshoots and ‘caught in the moment’ pictures are equally as effective, however here at Flawless we prefer to guide our customer into poses that would create the best and most professional portrait pictures. Another important factor of the photoshoot is to ensure that the customer is delighted with the end result – their picture. Tailoring the photograph to the individual is incredibly important to the success of a good photographer. Here at Flawless we provide a consultation form so we are able to create a collection of pictures that will compliment the images, and create an amazing portrait.

Do you offer fashion, product and food photo shooting services to local businesses?

Our makeover& photoshoot experiences are only available to our customers that visit our studios, and they bring along their own outfits of their choice. Unfortunately we do not offer our photoshoot services to other businesses outside the Studios, however, we do provide the makeover and photography experience as a voucher in collaboration with local businesses. We also sponsor companies, organisations and local charities, plus we work with Miss Great Britain and other beauty pageants.

Flawless Photography Studio

Flawless Photography Studio

What is your favorite Manchester photograph that you have ever taken?

We welcome over 15,000 beautiful customers a year so it’s incredibly hard to pick one Makeover and Photoshoot as a favourite. However, the photography ladies do tend to enjoy the bump to baby photoshoot. Inviting a glowing, pregnant ‘mum to be’ into the studio for a photoshoot, then welcoming them back after the birth with their gorgeous new born baby is definitely a memorable and special experience for Flawless and the customer. This photoshoot is both exciting and personal; it really creates a memory for both the photographers and the customer.

Where is the best public place for amateur photographers in Manchester?

There’s a real community feel to Manchester so it would be great to capture that on camera. Pictures of the different people and reactionsin the busy, urban city. There are many places in Manchester for amateur photographers to visit in the area.

Flawless Photography Studio

Flawless Photography Studio

If you have only one weekend in Manchester as a first time visitor, in this limited time, what are the best things to do?

One of the best things to do in Manchester are the variety of shops, places to eat and of course, Flawless Photography Studios for a luxurious makeover and photography experience.

How do you describe Manchester in one sentence?

Flawless is situated in the utmost urban and popular part of Manchester known for its unique independent shops and emporiums, our Flawless Studio fits in perfectly within the Northern Quarter – right in the City Centre; adding glamour and sophistication to Lever Street.

Thank you Julie.

For more information, please visit website of Flawless Photography Studio

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