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Interview with Vincenzo Sardone, Sales and Marketing Director of Strumento Marino

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - SAINT TROPEZ


by Beren Dere

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Diving, design, and watch. When all these passions come together, this would be an Italian Design Diving Watch. Strumento Marino is a combination of this passions. Paolo Alfredo Giovine was inspired by the sea when he created his own watch brand, and even take its name from the sea. The brand that Paolo has established in 2012, offers lots of different design watches to the taste of consumers from all around the world.

I talked to Vincenzo Sardone, Sales and Marketing Director of Strumento Marino for more information about the Strumento Marino brand, watches, his marketing strategies and future of the brand. You can find all questions and answers here.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - ABISSO

Could you tell us about Strumento Marino?


ALFREDO was in vacation in CANCUN in 2012 and during relax was reading a newspaper in front of the ocean and was captured by the word “INSTRUMENTO”. He has the idea to associate this “INSTRUMENTO WITH THE SEA”, and translate easily each word in Italian = STRUMENTO MARINO. In the beginning, STRUMENTO MARINO was made a test for AMERICA & MEXICO (these was at that time the main export market for ALFREDO). After the positive feedback obtained in the Americas (10000 pcs. sold in 1 year) ALFREDO has decided to put more energy on this brand and plan a global production/distribution strategy. In just 5 years our turnover is increasing day by day and new customers are always looking to join our customer portfolio.

How long have you been working in sales and marketing at Strumento Marino? Could you tell us a little about your background and watch industry experiences?

I'm following sales and Marketing for this brand since was born. My experiences are all related to watch business. I personally started in 1989 with a distribution of fashion licensed brands (VOLKSWAGEN, MISSONI SPORT, FILA, KRIZIA, GAI MATTIOLO) and trademark LANCASTER watches & accessories.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - HURRICANE

Please tell us about the design team behind the Strumento Marino watches. How do they find new inspirations for every new design?

I'm personally in charge for most of the creation made until now. I always give the input to prepare the first project, I revised the rendering many times, checking collection name more appropriate for each collection, I approve the samples and follow all productions step.

All these steps require a production circle of about 1 year for any collection made by STRUMENTO MARINO. My inspiration comes from the lovely way of life we have in this part of Italy.

The most difficult job for me is to transfer all these positive ideas to the engineer and manufacturers of every single component to obtain at the end a product of high quality as STRUMENTO MARINO is.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - WARRIOR

Which part of the Strumento Marino watches mostly reflects Italian culture?

The main part of STRUMENTO MARINO is represented by colors (marine, pastel) and design. We know that, in a certain area, this concept could be a limit for developing an international distribution. Our idea for STRUMENTO MARINO is “be different”. International distribution is most influenced by the traditional name in the watch industry (from the Swiss or Japanese brands or all the brands in the fashion category), STRUMENTO MARINO was born as WATERSPORT ITALIAN WATCH.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - SIRENETTA

How many different designs do you offer? Which one is Strumento Marino flagship watch? What was its story?


We are expecting to receive next months the new SIRENETTA collections (the first female collection made by SM). Also, we are waiting for a new REGATTA collection with SWISS Movement.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - REGATTA

How often does Strumento Marino add a new watch to the collection?

Our idea is to launch 2 new collections per year to be ready for SPRING/SUMMER time.

There is a lot of work to introduce a new collection and also an investment in moulding. I'm working right now on a new project for next SPRING SUMMER 2019, already approved design, waiting to receive prototype. This will be the new FREEDOM, a restyling of FREEDOM made on 2014, FREEDOM was one of our best-sellers in 2015-2016.

Which materials and movement do you use on Strumento Marino watches? Who decides to right material for each part, designers or watchmakers?

I always decide the parts to use on each SM, in general, each component has to be of high quality; sometimes we have to work on a special consumer price to be aggressive in the Market.

The best example is the new SIRENETTA realized maintaining a standard quality level but in an affordable RRP price - € 99,00. We already have received a lot of orders of SIRENETTA.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - ADMIRAL

Which countries are your main target markets? Do you have regional marketing strategies?

In general, if a product is strong in Italy can have more potential worldwide. Today ITALY is the main market for STRUMENTO MARINO. Our strategy is to continue the development of Italian market.

Internationally we are represented in Mediterranean area in medium/high watch & jewellery shops in Greece, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Malta. We are well represented in MEXICO and CARIBBEAN.

We are represented also in cruise ships of the Company PRINCESS, we have customers in SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRIA, NETHERLANDS, SERBIA, INDONESIA. We expect to open RUSSIA and CIS countries very soon with a Top Distribution Company of premium watch brand with his chain of own watch-shops.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - WARRIOR

Which media types do you prefer for advertising? Which media type is most effective advertising option according to your experiences? Why is Strumento Marino a successful brand?

Because the products in 95% of shops are sold without any media investment. And we have a re-order from our customers ¾ times per year.

Our main investment for future will be social and sponsorships in the watersport activities. We already was “Main sponsor” at VISKA REGATTA (international regatta in the Mediterranean), QUEMAO CLASS (International Surf event) and last month we sponsored the SAGOLA Boat - a participant of the ROLEX CUP in Caprı.

Do you prefer trade shows for introducing your watches to retailers and wholesalers? What do you think about the efficiency of trade shows?

Will probably stop soon our partecipation of all tradeshow.

The recents events in the watch industry was a disaster for everybody as the watch-market is suffering a big recession at this time. We just come back from JCK SHOW in Vegas (end last Monday) and our feeling was not positive considering that AMERICA is the main Market for watches.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - ADMIRAL

Do you have social media marketing strategies? How do you use it?

We are working everyday on it, we are approaching a new Media Agency to help us to increase our notoriety on social.

Internally we have a staff of 4 persons for social media. We are learning more every day because this part of marketing is very important nowadays.

What do you enjoy most about using Strumento Marino watch?

I love especially when, during strolls, common people try to look my watch, and note every time that STRUMENTO MARINO for sure “capture attention”. I'm also happy when the experts in the watch industry (like each shop, importers) are attracted by our amazing collection.

Where can our readers buy Strumento Marino watches?

I can say to everybody that the easiest way to buy a SM watch is online at our site strumentomarino.it

We have an efficient logistic staff able to deliver the watch in 1 day. And sometimes we made also special offer, then I can say to your readers to follow us online then.

Strumento Marino

Strumento Marino - SAINT TROPEZ

What are Strumento Marino growth plans for the future?

The plan now is to build SM in the main European markets (GERMANY, FRANCE, SPAIN, UK) and JAPAN & KOREA.

We are also focusing distribution in Duty Free areas. We only need to find the right organization to help us in this growth.

Thank you Vincenzo.

For more information, please visit website of Strumento Marino