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Interview with Wing Liang, Founder and CEO of Aragon Watches

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wing Liang, Founder and CEO of Aragon Watches

Wing Liang, Founder and CEO of Aragon Watches


by Mehmet Kaplan

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How could it possible to create modern and luxury designs that are accessible to everyone? Everything starts with this question for Wing and Angela. The answer is Aragon Watches; they have work to prove that the quality is accessible for everyone with the watches they have been producing for 27 years.

I asked Wing Liang, Founder and CEO of Aragon Watches. This interview is about career, designs, and future plans of the watch designer who realizes his dreams by his brand since 1991.

Mr. Liang, before starting to ask my questions, could you tell us about your design and watchmaking experience?

No formal training on design and watchmaking experience. All self-taught through learning and experience.

How did you decide to create Aragon watches? What inspired you to design watch?

I designed Aragon watches based on my personal interest and what I think that is suitable for a watch.

My inspiration is through observation of my surroundings, machines and metal components.

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

Could you tell us about the Aragon?

I like a name to begin with either A or Z. I have a habit when I look at the directory I either look at A first or Z first. Aragon was a made up word from "Dragon" You remove the "D" and add an "A".

Where was the position you wanted to place Aragon in the watch industry before you presented your first watch to the market?

Aragon has a unique place in the watch industry. We are focused on watch enthusiasts and people who appreciate original and unique design, and mechanical movements.

Are you still on the same road, or did the market conditions and the demand for Aragon moved your brand to a different point in time?

Aragon has a great reputation and great followings. We are continuing on the same path. The demand for Aragon watches are increasing. We need more people to know about our brand.

Modern, luxury and unisex design ideas brought success to Aragon watches. How did you combine them to set Aragon apart from its competitors?

Competitors will always be around. I like my competitors and enjoy the watch industry.

What most important for us is to do our part. Keep up with the great design, great quality, great customer service and great brand reputation.

Customers will share their experience and spread the words to others in the communities, friends and families. And customers will be proud of wearing an Aragon.

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

Each artist says that they love all their works in the same way, but there is always one masterpiece. Which Aragon model is your masterpiece? What was the story behind its design?

My Virtuoso collection is my favorite. I have used different materials and movements for the collection. I have used tungsten, titanium for the case and bracelet. Movements were automatic tourbillon, Valjoux 7750, ETA2824, Miyota 9100. I have also done tritium tubes and tritium flat tubes.

What has been changed in watchmaking industry in last 25 years?

Definitely the smartwatch, and I believe the smartwatch will continue to increase the market share.

Which part of Aragon watches mostly reflects you?

Design and manufacturing.

How do you ensure the sustainability of Aragon quality?

I have my own requirement for Aragon and will continue the same path.

Do you have any advice for designers who want to pursue a career in watch industry?

I think good designers know what they want.

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

Aragon Watches - ARAGON Virtuoso T-100 Limited Edition

What do you think about the future of competition between analog watches and smartwatches?

I believe mechanical watches will stay. Smart watches will increase their market share taken from the quartz watches.

Social media is now an indispensable part of our life. How often do you use your personal social media accounts? Which one do you prefer most?

I use social media daily. Facebook and Instagram are my go to.

How can our readers buy Aragon watches?


What are your future plans for the Aragon Watches?

Continue to create new designs. Look for new materials and components. Keep focusing on mechanical watches.

Thank you Mr. Liang.

For more information, please visit website of Aragon Watches

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