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LISTA and Vidmar Introduces Tall Cabinet Line to its Portfolio of Customizable Storage Solutions

Friday, June 1, 2018

LISTA Tall Cabinet offering.

LISTA Tall Cabinet offering.


Source : LISTA

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LISTA® and Vidmar®, Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions brands, extends its product portfolio today with the launch of the new Tall Cabinet line of customizable storage options. This new line is an extension of the Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions approach to provide a taller, more robust solution to its customers. The Tall Cabinet line has been designed as the company's tallest single-housing to date, making it ideal for customers in the automotive/vehicle services industry, such as dealership owners, technicians, service/parts managers, as well as in industrial facilities. The range includes a Heavy Duty Tall Cabinet which is specifically engineered for industrial applications in manufacturing and production facilities, maintenance labs, factory engineering, and food processing.

Reaching new heights, the Tall Cabinet solution adds to the company's broad storage portfolio range by providing tailored, cost-effective solutions to unique storage challenges. Users are now able to purchase one cabinet that meets their exact height requirements, without having to stack multiple cabinets on top of one another to achieve their desired result.

The Tall Cabinet range is available in five heights and available with drawer and shelf combinations. The cabinet line fits with and enhances existing configurations. On the Tall Drawer option, an intermediate door panel allows users to lock the cabinet's drawers, while keeping the cabinet's shelving units open. Each cabinet comes fully-assembled, features a lifetime warranty, and is proudly Made in the USA with global materials.

The development team has designed and developed over 100 pre-configured options tailored to a variety of needs and user experiences. Anything from standard shelf options, to drawer and shelf combination cabinets, Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions has the solution for you.

"Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions is continually looking to design products based on the changing needs of our customer base," commented Andrzej Aleksander, Brand Marketing Director. "The Tall Cabinet offering from LISTA® and Vidmar® provides our customers with a 'one stop shop' for their customizable storage solutions and provides a solution for businesses where cabinet height plays a critical factor in their decision-making process."

For complete details on Stanley Black & Decker Storage Solutions, visit http://storage.stanleyblackanddecker.com/

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