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Luxury & Classic Car Rental Marketplace iSuperdrive Add Chauffeur Services to Their Portfolio

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mercedes Eclass

Mercedes Eclass


Source : iSuperdrive.com

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Chauffeur services added to iSuperdrive luxury car rental marketplace. The portal provides customers with immediate access to a host of luxury, premium and supercar rental companies around the world. All in one place, it's easier for customers to compare prices, vehicles and locations.

Now the leading car rental aggregator is providing a platform for chauffeur companies around the world on its website.

Operating on the same principles as its luxury car rental marketplace, the iSuperdrive website puts visitors to cities all over the world in touch with local chauffeur operators. Customers can book their chauffeur services ahead of arrival direct with the supplier.

By enabling the customer to negotiate directly with the provider it means bespoke requirements can be requested and prices can be discussed between the two parties. There is no cost to the customer to use the iSuperdrive online marketplace whilst chauffeur and car rental companies pay a fee to promote their services.

iSuperdrive only teams up with reputable chauffeur companies so customers can be confident they are dealing with a trustworthy company.

The chauffeur partners offer some of the most well-known and sought-after premium luxury vehicles including Bentley, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Chauffeur partners offer a wide range of vehicles including luxury MPVs for larger parties or those who require additional space.

Customers can also be assured the chauffeur behind the wheel is highly professional with a sound knowledge of the city where the company operates.

Tailormade to suit the individual, users simply discuss their requirements with the operator. Services include transfers from airports and train stations including a meet and greet for a personal service to hotels and other venues.

For longer trips or holidays, chauffeur companies can provide a way to enjoy the sights at a pace to suit and in the comfort of a luxury prestige vehicle. Utilising a chauffeur provides the best of all worlds. Relaxed sight-seeing, leisurely lunches, fine dining in the evening, shopping trips, and a night at the theatre knowing the driver is waiting just a few minutes from the venue are just a few of the benefits. Of course, customers can change their itinerary as and when for complete flexibility.

Meanwhile, business users can take advantage by making and taking calls, answering emails and making final tweaks to presentations. The added advantage for businesspeople is the ability to forward book chauffeurs in onward destinations using just the iSuperdrive website to locate the operators in specific locations.

From undertaking business whilst on the move to booking a wedding car for the most special of occasions, iSuperdrive's chauffeur companies provide a first-class service.

Drivers working for these chauffeur companies are among the best in the business – highly trained, trustworthy, discreet, courteous and knowledgeable. They take the safety of their passengers seriously but understand the need for timeliness and also appreciate sometimes clients may wish to linger a little longer or even incorporate unscheduled stops.

iSuperdrive CEO, David Robertson commented: "Our chauffeur company partners match our passion for delivering the highest of standards. Customers can be confident they will find a chauffeur company which meets all their requirements from the make and model of vehicle to the local knowledge of the driver as well as being able to select the best price. Dealing directly with the company means customers can ensure the service is tailormade for their exact requirements. Our marketplace website has established an excellent reputation in the luxury car hire market and our clients and chauffeur partners trust us implicitly. We are confident our chauffeur services element will soon enjoy the same status."

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