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New Maxi-Cosi Magellan Provides 10 Years Of Safety, Comfort And Adventure In One Car Seat

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Maxi-Cosi Magellan 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.

Maxi-Cosi Magellan 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.


Source : Dorel Juvenile

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Dorel Juvenile, a segment of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), the world's largest manufacturer of juvenile products, has combined 10 years of adventure into one premium car seat—Maxi-Cosi's Magellan. This revolutionary 5-in-1 seating system is designed to grow with children from birth to age 10, making it easy for parents to plan ahead, since it's the only car seat they'll ever need.

With the Magellan, parents can drive with confidence because backseat adventures are safer, too. It's the only convertible car seat equipped with Maxi-Cosi's patented Adjustable Side Impact Protection. Tested beyond U.S. standards for superior safety, the Adjustable Side Impact Protection provides a customized fit for all growth stages and ensures maximum protection in the proper position.

"As the number one selling baby car seat brand worldwide and with more than 30 years of experience carrying over 50 million babies home from the hospital in our car seats, our mission at Maxi-Cosi is to provide parents with premium travel solutions, so they can explore the world safely and happily. We also take pride in creating products that feature beautiful design and innovative construction to deliver the utmost in safety and comfort," said Paul Powers, CEO and President of Dorel Juvenile USA. "With the Magellan, we're taking the guesswork out of it for parents, giving them a single car seat that will be there for all the great backseat adventures, easily transitioning through growth stages with their child from birth to 10 years old."

Families can enjoy more adventures than ever before, as the Magellan accommodates children from 5-120 lbs. and features five modes of use: Baby Rear-Facing, Toddler Rear-Facing, Toddler Forward-Facing, Child Forward-Facing and Belt Positioning Booster. As with every Maxi-Cosi car seat, it's created with the same comfort and style in mind, incorporating premium fabrics and a contemporary, yet timeless look. Plus, its one-click LATCH system and AutoLock allow for easy installation.

An even more premium version of the car seat, the Magellan Max, provides parents added convenience with an EZ Out harness system paired with Maxi-Cosi's ClipQuick auto-magnetic chest clip. The Magellan Max will be available in parent-loved Nomad fashions with a premium infant support cushion.

To celebrate the launch, Maxi-Cosi will kick-off a Great Backseat Adventure campaign filled with inspiring content from top influencers and consumers alike. Parents and their children are invited to follow along on the adventure and to share their own backseat adventure through the brand's social channels.

The Magellan retails for $349.99 and is now available for purchase on Amazon, Target.com, Buy Buy Baby, as well as Target stores late July. The Magellan Max will be available at Buy Buy Baby, Albee Baby and other specialty retailers for $399.99. To learn more and find a retailer nearest you please visit, http://magellan.maxi-cosi.com

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