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Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Announces 2018 Scholarship Winners

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2018 Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Scholarship Recipients (PRNewsfoto/Notre Dame Federal Credit Union)

2018 Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Scholarship Recipients (PRNewsfoto/Notre Dame Federal Credit Union)


Source : Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

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Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (Notre Dame FCU) awarded twenty-five scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic school year. Each student will receive $1,500 and an accompanying 2019 summer internship within the credit union department of their choosing. The selected students are:

Graduating High School Recipients:

  • Kristine Hocker
  • Ava Padgett
  • Jordan Lindzy
  • Addyson Keszei
  • Jack Bahmer
  • Yvette Santos
  • Renee Nerenberg
  • Caleb Rodriguez
  • Collin Esarey
  • Melissa Weaver
  • Rose Kelly
  • Jack Murphy

Current College Student Recipients:

  • Arieanna Eaton (2017 Recipient)
  • Honoka Suzuki
  • Jessica Vera
  • Lia Rose
  • Acri Mara Bahmer (2017 Recipient)
  • Jean Marie Freeby
  • Bonita Murphy
  • Alexa Rozycki (2017 Recipient)
  • Vivian Crumlish (2017 Recipient)
  • Christian Dennis
  • Diana Gonzalez
  • Matthew Decloedt (2017 Recipient)
  • Karla Gonzales

The scholarship committee, made up of Notre Dame FCU employees and members of its Board of Directors, selected students who demonstrated a well-rounded portfolio of academics, financial need, community involvement, leadership and participation in academic activities.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union hosted a reception at the Morris Inn yesterday to celebrate the 2018 recipients. Reba Hayes, Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO and Committee Chair, stated, "All of us here at Notre Dame FCU look forward to the Scholarship program each year. The selection committee reviewed a record number of applicants this year. We are excited to announce Notre Dame FCU was able to respond to the increased need by awarding a record number of scholarships!"

Notre Dame FCU believes that higher education is among the most important intellectual and creative resources necessary to face current and future societal needs and challenges. Over the last six years, Notre Dame FCU has awarded 73 scholarships to deserving students.

"The entire Notre Dame FCU family is proud to be able to offer scholarships to support these very deserving students! We send our heartfelt congratulations to this year's recipients and wish them the very best in their future endeavors," said Tom Gryp, President and CEO at Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.

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