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OFRA Cosmetics Enters ULTA Retail Stores Nationwide

Friday, June 22, 2018

OFRA Glow Up Campaign

OFRA Glow Up Campaign


Source : OFRA Cosmetics

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Trying new makeup is like listening to new music; it's so satisfying to discover something new and it's always on repeat. Makeup Lovers will have their very own "shook" moment as OFRA Cosmetics enters ULTA retail stores nationwide on June 24th. The ULTA experience is about listening to their guest. The ULTA guest wants to engage and connect with the brands they are commenting, liking, and double tapping online, offline. This makes OFRA the perfect partner.

Social media shine put OFRA on the mind of beauty enthusiasts all around the world. OFRA, known as a PRO MUA brand for many years, is now crushed on by beauty bloggers such as KathleenLights, NikkieTutorials, and MannyMUA. This social connection has allowed OFRA to glow, and just over a year ago make its debut on ULTA.com with a limited range of best selling liquid lipsticks and highlighters. Success lead to the brands collaborating on a makeup palette and duochrome liquid lipsticks sold exclusively through ULTA, and a swift sell-out during the must-shop 21 Days of Beauty.

As OFRA makes it debut in 451 ULTA doors, the brand will be showing off some new glow and reintroducing themselves to beauty enthusiasts with a fresh logo, website, packaging, and overall image redesign. The ULTA guest will be "Ohhh"-ing when they set their eyes and hands on the inclusive mix of liquid lipsticks and highlighters from OFRA, including uber liked shades from collaborations with KathleenLights and NikkieTutorials.

OFRA Operations Director, Ayelet Faerman: "This is a major milestone for OFRA. Building this brand from the ground up, experiencing the cycle of highs and lows, and still making it to this point only pushes my team and I to grow OFRA into something we never imagined. We are thankful for this partnership with ULTA and the opportunity it will give our brand to shine."

Available June 24th in 451 ULTA stores nationwide.

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