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Snowsound Debuts New Fiber and Panel Products

Friday, June 8, 2018

Snowsound-Fiber Textiles can be used for window shades, curtains, partitions, draperies, upholstery, canopies and a myriad of other applications.

Snowsound-Fiber Textiles can be used for window shades, curtains, partitions, draperies, upholstery, canopies and a myriad of other applications.


Source : Snowsound

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Premier acoustic panel manufacturer Snowsound debuts new patented Snowsound-Fiber textiles, textile products and panels, providing designers more ways to meet the growing demand for acoustic comfort.

"Snowsound-Fiber sound-absorbing textiles optimize room acoustics and complement existing panel solutions. Available in 44 texture/color combinations, designers and architects have more choices. You really have to experience and touch these woven textiles to fully appreciate them," explains Michael Dardashti, Snowsound Executive Vice President for North America. Sold in rolls, Snowsound-Fiber textiles can be used for window shades, curtains, partitions, draperies, upholstery, canopies and a myriad of other applications. Unlike most other textiles, they offer significant sound absorption properties due to completely unique technology.

Snowsound-Fiber textiles come in six different patented microscopic weave geometries, each offering a distinct tactile experience. Made from high-quality 100% polyester fiber, these textiles are all flammability tested, GREENGUARD Gold certified and 100% recyclable, producing durable, environmentally sustainable solutions. All have been tested for color fastness and abrasion. Five types can be washed – one of these even has bacteriostatic, fused, silver ions which are ideal for healthcare environments. Snowsound's award-winning, custom Analysis Software now supports our fiber and panel products.

Si Sboccia™ is a large rose object designed by Moreno Ferrari to evoke emotions and be functional at the same time. This handmade, sound-absorbing, Snowsound-Fiber product is made of 100% Fiber 6 Velvet polyester with a central wood core. The combination of the fabric product design and air gap layers creates an effective sound absorbing solution. The wall mounted version is easily positioned and attached, while the ceiling version can be suspended with up to 150 inch steel cables that are equipped with metal ball bearings for 360 degree rotation.

Bemolle™ is a formed drapery design that holds its shape due to an underlying black epoxy powder-coated steel structure. This wall mounted Snowsound-Fiber product is made of 100% polyester with polyester thread stitching that is available in four designer colors. It contains air gap layers that effectively absorb sound.

Giotto™ is a sound-absorbing room fixture that uses Snowsound's original patented technology. Its pure geometric form consists of a circular panel 47 inches in diameter and is available four colors. Whether wall or ceiling mounted, the result is an intriguing treatment that provides acoustic comfort. Sleek wall brackets and steel cable suspended mounting options are available.

The Flap Chain™ suspension system allows designers to construct unique patterns of ceiling-mounted Flap panels, using combinations of two different length interlocking suspended rods and up to 13 feet of aircraft cable.

Architects and interior designers prefer Snowsound for its unique features, ease of use, installation convenience, and application versatility.

Snowsound-Fiber Textiles, Si Sboccia, Bemolle, Giotto and Flap Chain are now available in a variety of designer colors.

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