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Tahitimare: Luxury, Services and Security to Reimagine the Concept of Holiday in Jesolo

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Tahitimare Construction (PRNewsfoto/Tahitimare)

New Tahitimare Construction (PRNewsfoto/Tahitimare)


Source : Tahitimare

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Tahitimare, a new seafront residence in Jesolo Lido, very close to Venice, is a dream that came true, which has the aim to reimagine the concept of holiday in Jesolo (Upper Adriatic Sea). A 'jewel' nestled in the coastline of one of the most attractive Italian seaside resorts, Tahitimare has 15km of coast, 13 Blue Flags Awards for the cleanliness of its shore, the touristic harbour, golf courses, and luxury restaurants.

Tahitimare boasts an architectural design with clean and refined lines for residences of pure excellence. Ultra-modern interiors with elegant terraces and panoramas create a peaceful 'heaven', designed to enjoy life and every comfort. Apartments samples are already available for visits.

Among services and comforts are the infinity pool with sea view, domotic integration systems, with remote control, video security systems, thermoregulation, TV sat and WI-FI. Tahitimare works in synergy with the adjacent luxury hotel, where the owners of the apartments can enjoy special and exclusive offers: a luxury restaurant, spa, and other quality services.

"The Tahitimare residence addresses the contemporary and dynamic public, who pay a lot of attention to technology innovations in a high-end architectural frame," said the representatives of the IVL society, consisting of Venetian entrepreneurs who have made this dream possible. "The facility mirrors the principles that inspired our society," they added. "A solid reality, that combines ambition with passion for excellence."

Residences: types and features: the complex includes a wide range of residences: 50sqm, 67/68sqm, 71/73sqm and 85/87 sqm, a 200sqm penthouse. All the apartments are in energy class A, with private parking on the basement floor.

Remote control: the highest level of performance of the remote control systems is guaranteed by the domotic integration systems, which are designed to manage the apartment remotely.

Security: home security cameras, video-intercom and burglar alarm systems monitor the apartments in two modes: volumetric and perimeter.

TV sat and WI-FI : the reception systems for terrestrial TV programs (DVB-TV) and satellite programs have fiber-optic cables, allowing the distribution of up to 4 satellites. And the Wi-Fi devices, disseminated in each apartment, provides a fast and secure connection to the network.

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