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The Los Angeles Film School Launches $1.5 Million Fund To Benefit Newly Enrolled Female Students

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Women In Entertainment.

Women In Entertainment.


Source : The Los Angeles Film School

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The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) is proud to announce it is doubling down on its commitment to the path to parity for women across the entertainment industry with the advancement of its own "Women In Entertainment Scholarship" (WIES).

To date, the burgeoning film school, set in Hollywood's own backyard with a national student enrollment of over 3,000, has committed close to $200,000 in scholarships for women. The additional $1.5 million WIES fund will focus on encouraging significantly more female enrollment to help boost women's representation in all areas of study at LAFS and its subsidiary, The Los Angeles Recording School.

The WIES fund will benefit incoming female students and is part of LAFS' latest pledge to increase female enrollment to 50 percent of the overall student body over time. Effective immediately, the scholarship will provide a one-time, $2,000 award towards tuition for all newly enrolled female students to drive an equal male-to-female ratio and aim to increase the school's current female student population by 25 percent. The scholarship can be applied towards any of LAFS's numerous degree programs, including Bachelor and Associate of Science degrees in Entertainment Business, Animation, Graphic Design, Music Production, Audio Production and Film.

"We believe strongly that our commitments today will make a difference in developing our leaders of tomorrow," said Sandra Lee, Associate Film Program Director and Professor at The Los Angeles Film School. "Opportunities for women in entertainment are improving and while we recognize there is much work to be done, we're proud to be able to offer this scholarship to incoming female students as a next step. We stand in solidarity with the advancement of all women across the industry and hope the Women In Entertainment Scholarship will help our students reach their full potential as the dynamic innovators that they are."

In addition to helping expand female enrollment and educational access for women at LAFS, the Women In Entertainment scholarship also supports recent industry-wide efforts to increase gender parity for women across the professional entertainment landscape. Although gender parity in the entertainment industry is improving, there are still drastic differences between men and women when it comes to access to resources, pay and career opportunities. With an additional focus on female enrollment, the new scholarship program will aim to help level the professional playing field and develop a pipeline of well-qualified and ambitious women leaders who will innovate across the entertainment industry for years to come.

"We realized we can do better and are proud to commit ourselves to affording a higher educational opportunity that charts a course to even out the starting gates for women," said The Los Angeles Film School's Special Advisor, Dave Phillips.

For more information on Los Angeles Film School's Women in Entertainment Scholarship please visit: https://www.lafilm.edu/admissions/financial-aid/

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