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The Petco Foundation Celebrates Everyday Lifesavers for Animals

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Davis family with their adopted dog Kaylee.

The Davis family with their adopted dog Kaylee.


Source : Petco Foundation

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This weekend, the Petco Foundation, a leading funder of animal welfare, kicks off the organization's annual "Be a Lifesaver" campaign, promoting everyday lifesavers throughout the country and encouraging all people to take small and large actions to make a difference for animals.

The campaign launches Saturday, June 30 with its "Be a Foster" event, where animal welfare organizations and foster volunteers across the nation will be at select Petco locations from 1:30 - 3:30 pm to recruit new foster parents. Store guests will have an opportunity to learn more about foster care, what to expect when you become a foster and how fostering saves animal lives.

"Saving the animals in our nation's shelters is solvable when the community participates," said Petco Foundation president Susanne Kogut. "An important part of that effort includes those individuals who step up in their communities. From donating to fostering to adopting a pet, each action gets us closer to a lifesaving nation. Our "Be a Lifesaver" campaign aims to inspire people to get involved to help the animals."

The Petco Foundation has also recognized 50 people across the United States as "All-Star Fosters." Each All-Star Foster was nominated by their local animal welfare organization for their lifesaving efforts and will receive a $150 shopping spree for supplies to support their work. Many of these individuals will also participate in their local "Be a Foster" events to share their experiences with others interested in fostering.

The campaign also celebrates lifesavers like Christina Ha, founder of Cat Camp and NYC's first cat cafe, Meow Parlour and the Davis family who adopted senior dog Kaylee and started a movement to inspire others to adopt senior pets.

The Petco Foundation offers five simple actions that anyone can take to help pets in need:

Adopt: Find a new family member by adopting a pet from a local animal welfare organization.

Foster: Consider becoming a foster volunteer. Fostering pets saves animal lives and can be a fun, educational family-friendly summer activity.

Volunteer: Talk to local animal welfare organizations about how your skills and interests fit with the organization's needs. Local shelters always need volunteers for a variety of activities like walking dogs, socializing cats or folding laundry.

Spread the Word: Share on social media how you've acted as a lifesaver for pets with #BeALifesaver to inspire others.

Donate: Donate at checkout at Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores during the Be a Lifesaver campaign to help the Petco Foundation reach its goal of raising $2.3 million to provide lifesaving investments to animal welfare organizations.

The Be a Lifesaver campaign runs From June 30 - July 22, during which time guests in Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores are invited to Be a Lifesaver by making a donation at checkout to support animal welfare organizations throughout the country.

The weekend of July 7 & 8 is the Be a Lifesaver Adoption Weekend where guests can adopt their new family member at participating Petco store locations.

To learn more about the Petco Foundation and ways to contribute to lifesaving causes, visit www.petcofoundation.org.

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