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Wagz™ Unveils Dog Collar Wearable as Brains Behind the First Connected Pet Home System at SuperZoo 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

(PRNewsfoto/Wagz, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto/Wagz, Inc.)


Source : Wagz, Inc.

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Wagz, Inc. will set new standards for smart pet tech at SuperZoo 2018 (Booth #6521) as the self-proclaimed 'dog nerds' announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar—the first high-tech dog wearable of its kind that combines real-time data, geofencing and artificial intelligence to help owners keep their beloved canines on their property, off the couch, out of danger and eating healthier.

The new HD video-enabled collar is the central nervous system of a complete line of Wagz™ products that uses one simple app to deliver a completely connected pet home. The Wagz™ Explore Collar communicates with the brand's high-tech doors, feeders, water dishes, and treat dispensers to eliminate hundreds of worries for pet owners.

A game-changing feature is the collar's ability to pair with the recently launched Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder to deliver precise pet nutrition based on activity levels. The Feeder dispenses most brands of food, but also simplifies the process with smart dog food cartridges (Whello™) – a premium quality dog food that has adopted a "Keurig™- like" food delivery system with stay-fresh premium food cartridges that snap directly into the feeder to completely eliminate waste, hassle and diminished nutrient value of giant bags of dog food. The Explore Smart Collar uses proprietary activity tracking and environment sensing technologies to automatically tell the feeder the optimum amount to serve your best friend.

The Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar not only tracks your pet's whereabouts inside or out when you're not home but keeps them safely at your side on a walk. The wearable saves on older, expensive technologies like invisible fences and bark collars by combining its precise geofencing and ultrasonic deterrence technologies to allow pet owners to set precise boundaries on their property and create an invisible leash for your dog. The Explore Smart Collar device also uses the artificial intelligence found in popular smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa to connect pets and give them a voice.

"Looking at today's smart collars, most are really just glorified tracking devices," said Terry Anderton, CEO of Wagz, Inc. "Our dedicated team of 'dog nerds' set out to build a daily pet life-changer—a truly intelligent dog wearable that works with all Wagz connected pet home devices to give dogs and owners a better and happier life. The high-tech wearable goes far beyond traditional 'smart' collars by using cutting-edge technology to eliminate dozens of common pet owner concerns around nutrition, safety, fitness, and freedom."

Key Explore Smart Collar Product Features:

  • Robust Activity Monitoring: Monitor daily activity and calories burned based on breed, age, and weight.
  • Nutritional Intelligence: Pairs with Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder to automatically feed based on real-time activity.
  • Precise GPS Tracking: Always know exactly where your dog is and get alerts on your phone.
  • Temperature Alerts: Get alerts when dog's ambient temperature is too high or low.
  • Geofence: Set precise location boundaries to keep dogs within safe zones using ultrasonic/vibration deterrence.
  • Invisible Leash: Ditch the rope and keep dogs close with humane deterrence.
  • HD Video Streaming with Bark Alerts: Check in on your dog from anywhere anytime and get alerts when your dog is excessively barking.

The launch of the Serve Smart Feeder and Explore Smart Collar come as Wagz™ prepares for a big year of delivering the first completely connected pet home. The brand has also brought the Petzi Treat Cam into its family and is preparing to launch the Go Smart Door, Roam Smart Tiles and Drink Smart Water Dish, as well. The Wagz Explore Smart Collar will be available July 15, 2018 (accepting pre-orders now).

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