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Baby Jogger® Expands Car Seat Line With Introduction Of The City View™ Space Saving All-In-One Car Seat

Narrow Product Design Helps Parents Take Back the Back Seat

Monday, July 23, 2018

Baby Jogger® Expands Car Seat Line With Introduction Of The City View™ Space Saving All-In-One Car Seat

Baby Jogger® Expands Car Seat Line With Introduction Of The City View™ Space Saving All-In-One Car Seat


Source : Newell Brands

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Baby Jogger® is helping parents get more out of a vehicle's back seat with the new City View™ Space Saving All-in-One Car Seat. At only 17.4 inches across, the slim silhouette allows extra space for additional passengers while providing a comfortable ride for baby. Designed with enhanced convenience and safety features, the stylish City View ensures that families can venture out on the open road with greater ease and peace of mind.

Why Parents Will Love It

In addition to providing extra room in the backseat, the City View will grow with little ones. The City View has three different ways to ride, transitioning from a rear-facing harness (5-40 pounds) to a forward-facing harness (22-65 pounds), and finally to a high back booster (40-100 pounds).

"I have a newborn and a 2-year-old and we're always on-the-go. This means my backseat is overflowing with many things, including toys, snacks and a diaper bag filled with extra clothing for the inevitable messes," said Lauren Parry, founder of the blog "Outfits and Outings." "The City View car seat has helped me reclaim some much-needed space in the backseat. An extra adult can comfortably sit back there, and I still have room for all the necessities that make our adventures a lot easier."

As with every Baby Jogger car seat, the City View was tested with TRUE Test™, the brand's above-and-beyond testing standard to ensure parents feel confident that their little ones are safe and secure each time they put their car into drive. The City View includes a SecureStop™ Anti-Rebound Bar to be used in rear-facing mode only. In the event of a frontal crash, the Anti-Rebound Bar provides a 45 percent reduction in rearward movement of the car seat1. The car seat is also side-impact tested, equipped with a 5-point harness system and includes a steel reinforced frame for durability.

"Families are gearing up for summer vacations and weekend adventures, and they want to be able to soak up every moment without having to worry about the safety and comfort of their child in the backseat," said Chris Davenport, Director of Brand Marketing, Baby Jogger. "The City View's space-saving frame was designed to help maximize the backseat area without compromising the safety features that matter most to parents."

Why Kids Will Love It

Keeping children comfortable in the back seat is key to a successful outing, near or far. The City View includes features to help keep little ones happy so parents can focus on the road. A leatherette cup holder easily attaches to either side of the car seat and holds drinks or snacks so kids can reach them on their own. When not in-use, the cup holder can be folded in to save space. Additionally, the 4-position recline, 10-position adjustable headrest and no-rethread harness system ensure the perfect fit for children as they grow.

Go Slim To Win

To celebrate the launch of their first all-in-one car seat, Baby Jogger is giving fans the opportunity to win big. Between now and August 17, 2018, anyone who purchases the new City View car seat can enter for the chance to win an AUDI Q3.

Pricing & Availability

The City View is available now online and at specialty retailers for a suggested retail price of $349.99. The car seat comes in four styles: Mineral, Monument, Azul and Ash (exclusive to buybuy BABY). For further information on the City View and the full line of Baby Jogger car seats and gear, visit www.BabyJogger.com.

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