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Clayton Properties Group Acquires Indianapolis' Largest Home Builder

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

“The Cooper” is one of nine floor plans available in Arbor Homes’ Sagebrook community, located in McCordsville, Ind.

“The Cooper” is one of nine floor plans available in Arbor Homes’ Sagebrook community, located in McCordsville, Ind.


Source : Clayton Properties Group

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Clayton Properties Group®, a division of Clayton Home Building Group® and a Berkshire Hathaway company, acquired Arbor Homes (Arbor) yesterday, Indianapolis' largest home builder.

Founded in 1994 by President Curtis Rector, Arbor takes pride in being the largest locally-owned and operated home builder in Indianapolis, known for their high-quality, entry-level homes. In 2004, Arbor founded its sister company, Silverthorne Homes, to offer a luxurious, custom-built home line with high-end features as an alternative option for home buyers. Arbor and Silverthorne Homes have built over 13,000 homes in 36 communities, combined, in the greater Indianapolis area.

"For 24 years we have been committed to providing quality homes at great value, as well as providing growth opportunities for our team members," said Arbor President Curtis Rector. "Upon meeting the Clayton team, it was immediately apparent they shared similar values."

The Clayton Properties Group business model is simple — partner with world-class companies in strong growth markets that share the same goals in their culture, innovation and commitment to customer and team member experience. Arbor's emphasis on extraordinary team member experience and world-class customer experience aligns seamlessly with Clayton Properties Group's business model and values. Arbor was named a 2017 and 2018 Top Place to Work by the Indianapolis Star. The company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and research, and in 2017, developed a leadership role specifically designed to drive customer experience initiatives and maintain a forward-thinking approach to the home buying experience.

"Curtis and the Arbor team's culture, business model and dedication to provide an exceptional team member and customer experience, make a great addition to our distinguished family of builders," said Clayton Home Building Group President, Keith Holdbrooks. "We immediately recognized their level of expertise and commitment to building high-quality, affordable housing. With a current average home sales price of $199,000, Arbor Homes fits a niche price point between our off-site and on-site builders—we're excited about the potential opportunities to shape the future of affordable housing."

In 2017, Arbor closed on 998 homes, nearly a 15 percent increase from the previous year. The company is ranked 55 on the 2018 Builder Magazine's Builder 100 list and is projected to close on approximately 1,200 homes in 2018.

"Joining Clayton gives us the platform to continue this journey on an even greater scale," said Rector. "We are excited about this partnership and the future of Arbor and Silverthorne Homes."

Arbor Homes is the seventh home builder acquisition for Clayton Properties Group, and the second this year. Clayton's site built market reaches Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and now Indiana. Clayton Properties Group is ranked 29 on the 2018 Builder Magazine's Builder 100 list. With the addition of Arbor Homes, Clayton Properties Group is on pace to build over 4,000 site built homes this year.

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