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Interview with Fashion Model Nick Norman

Nick is a model that loves traveling, playing basketball, and freestyling.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Nick Norman

Nick Norman


by Beren Dere

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Nick is a model that loves traveling, playing basketball, and freestyling. He took the inspiration of being a model from her mother's one sentence and he has been modeling since. I asked Nick Norman about his modeling career, lifestyle and his future plans. Enjoy the interview!

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

How did you decide to be a professional model? Who or what inspired you?

My mom would always walk past posters or billboards and say “that should be you”, I guess it sunk in at some point.

When did you sign with an agency?

I signed with an agency around 5 years ago. I was still living in Maryland and would fly to Florida for castings. That got real expensive, real quick lol.

What was your first job? How did it feel?

It was probably an extra job, and felt like I should be doing better jobs haha.

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

What is your dream modeling job?

I’m not sure! There are loads of brands I’d love to work for but I think to be a part of a mind blowing Ad would be super cool.

What magazine would you like to be on the cover of?


What do you enjoy most of the modeling?

There’s a full-on hustle to the game, gotta love the process. But it is a love hate relationship lol models know what I’m talking about.

What are your hobbies?

Traveling, playing basketball, freestyling (rap).

What is your personal style?

BASIC AF! Chill. That wouldn’t be my style if I invested more money in clothes but I put it into other things, like experiences.

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

How do you keep in shape?

Lots of gym, lots of basketball, lots of unfulfilled dreams of ice cream.

What is in your backpack?

Work out gloves, basketball, knee strap, water, and headphones.

Who are your favorite designers?

Too many too many.

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

Favorite photographers?

Blake Ballard really impressed me with his vision and creativity, Brian Jamie is a killer too.

Favorite brands?


Favorite snack?

Peanut butter with cold banana.

Favorite music?

I dabble- Mike of Doom- Sheesh. Is a bangin track on repeat right now.

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

Favorite movie?

Oooo, that’s tough. I’m a sucker for superhero movies and Avengers Infinity War was crazy.

Favorite city to visit? To shop?

I just went to San Francisco for the first time and it was beautiful! London may be number 1 though. I’ll shop in Bangkok again any day.

If you weren't a model, what would you do?

Currently developing aspiring models and placing them with agencies. It’s so fulfilling.

Aside from that too I’m not sure, I ask myself that everyday.

Nick Norman

Nick Norman

Favorite social media platform? IG info?

IG for sure, I don’t use twitter and RARELY Snapchat. Facebook is more for the family. @RealLifeNick_

What advice would you give someone starting out?

INVEST IN YOURSELF! You can tell where people’s priorities are based on how they spend their time and their money

Thank you Nick.

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Agency Contact Information for Nick

Agency : The Green Agency
Agency Location : Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Contact : Tammy Green / Agency Director / tammy@greenagency.com
Phone : (305)532-9225
Instagram : @thegreenagency
Facebook : greenagencymiami

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